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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009!

We had so much fun chasing Maletch around the Halloween Festival! Grandma and Pops Pollard had sent him the cutest costume that they picked up in Vegas at Caesar's Palace, a Roman Soldier costume (just like they wear at the casino). So John and I went as the Roman Emperor and Empress, (with our little soldier protecting us) lol!

He even got to ride a REAL horse! He LOVES horses, but we weren't sure how he'd do riding a real one, especially since John and I had to watch from outside the pen.. but he was giggling and laughing the whole time! He didn't care where we were a bit, haha! He rode it like a true cowboy too! Some of the older kids were having trouble sitting up straight and appeared to be almost falling off, but Maletch was holding on at times with only one hand with perfect posture- it was too funny! The other parents kept commenting on him (like he was a bull rider or something) LOL!

He also got to go to the petting zoo area where he saw some of his other favorites: cows, sheep, goats, more horses, and chickens! He was petting them through the fence, but he nearly jumped it trying to get inside! We were constantly pulling him off of the fence! He had fun since he knew all the animals names and noises, so he talked to each one in their language, hehe! He moo'd at the cows and baa'd at the sheep and eeeiiigh'd at the horses! He also told the chickens "bawk bawk!"

He also grabbed a large wagon and pulled it over to the pumkin patch and loaded it up with pumpkins and dragged it around (this was entirely his idea) we didn't tell him or show him how. We were really tripping on how he thought of it, and we took a short video of him picking his pumpkins!

The video is posted below the slideshow!

Halloween 2009 Slideshow!

Maletch Picking Pumpkins Video! Halloween 2009