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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Do Superheros Like To Do??

'Lil' Batman' says, "I want to go fight crime, mommy!" "There is lots of work to be done!"
What Do Superheros Like to Do in Their Free Time??

They love to drive fast cars...

They like to scale tall buildings, er, I mean funrniture...

.... and they like to color with crayons!!

I wonder why superheros don't like to clean the house??

Friday, August 7, 2009

YAY!! Aunt and Uncle Came to Town!

'G' has her hands FULL!

My brother, his wife (my sister) and my niece came out last week and stayed for 5 days! YAY!!! We had such great time with them while they were here, and we just adored lil A! She is such a sweet, beautiful, and happy girl! M and A are only 3 months apart, how cool is that?

We had a 'Jam Packed' week:
Wed: They came to our house and we went swimming!
Thurs: We went to my mom's house, then to the O.C. Fair!
Fri: My Mom came over and helped John and I with the preperations for the garage sale we were in at my favorite scrapbook store! The items had to be ready priced, packaged, and "turned in" to the store by 7:00pm - we cut that very close and almost didn't make it! Wheeew!
Sat: We went to my dad's house for a family reunion with lots of my cousins and we spent the night!
Sun: We hung out at dad's for the day, then went to visit my Grandma ("Mamma") and got back late (1:00 am)
Mon: We picked up the items that didn't sell from the store, and I now get to go on a $350.00 shopping spree- YAY! Plus we got rid of a lot of unwanted stuff! Double YAY!

I know you want all the deets- so keep scrolling! :)
Below each post is a Slideshow!

First Day: Our House SWIMMING!

Oh we had a blast watching the kidos swim and the kids had so much fun! I don't think Maletch stopped smiling the entire time! I was sad that John missed it because by the time it cooled down enough to go swimming, he had to leave for work. But at least my mom took lots of pics for us!
This was my second time taking Maletch to the pool, and he surprised me AGAIN! This time I tried to hold him up with just- 'one hand under his stomach' and he started swimming- he had like a 'swimmer's stroke' and a pretty good kick- it came to him naturally! My mom suggested that I sign him up for swimming lessons since he is ready. I think that is a neat idea, and I will look into local classes for him. He also started getting brave in his 'inner tube' and cruising around without me holding him. I was nervous since he didn't fit it- he could slip right through it- but he got the hang of 'holding on' real quick. He positioned himself to 'lean forward' and he got himself going!
Jae and Britt started a 'toss game' with Addie and it looked like so much fun, so we did it with Maletch too- they both LOVED that!
They brought a wagon with them, and it was fun to pull the kids around in. Then Maletch decided to push and pull it around and he gave his lil cousin rides in it- that was cute to watch... that is... until he came close to pushing her and the wagon INTO the pool! Uncle Jae had to "run interception" on that one!
Oh and that 'toy dirt bike' that you will see in his hands was a gift from them. It makes real dirtbike sounds when you press the shocks or push it along- too cute!! And Maletch just LOVES that thing- he still hasn't put it down!
Below is a slideshow of the first day, with lots of pool pics and hangin out fun! To see The Fair and Family Reunion pics keep scrolling!

Slideshow Swimming with Uncle and Aunt!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2: The Orange County Fair!!

We started off at my mom's house for a bit, where Maletch got to see Uncle Jae's dirtbike! I wanted Jae to take him for a ride on it, but Maletch wasn't too sure about it- so maybe next time! Funny while I was trying to pose for the pic with Maletch on the bike, we almost crashed!! Haha! I couldn't touch the ground, so we had it next to the curb, and I was only touching on the one side, I lost my balance and we almost tipped over- Jae had to come over and help while I was wobbling- it was HILARIOUS and I felt retarded! It's been a long time since I've been on a dirt bike, and my riding days are LONG over!

We later headed to the O.C. Fair. We had such a blast and YEP we even took the kids on some rides!! That took a little 'manipulation' since there was a height requirement of 36" for every ride, and our 1 year olds are not as tall as 3 year olds... so send in the '2 blondies' to smile and ask them to please 'make an exception.' Worked like a charm!
Since it was Thurs night, of course John had to work, which really felt weird to have him missing out on such a fun time and Maletch's first Fair, but he would rather us go without him than us not go at all- he is so sweet! And again- at least we got lots of pics. We will be taking Maletch to Disneyland and the Zoo soon, and I can't wait for that!

Our Group:
Let's see there were 9 of us total (6 adults and 3 kids). It was: Jae, Britt, Addie, Reed, Shannon, Audrey, Maletch, my mom, and me- so we were quite a lil bunch! Maletch got to 'ride' on Reed's shoulders for a while and he walked holding my hand for the most part. He never asked to be carried a single time- which was so nice especially considering how long we were there and how far we walked! We got carried away and stayed until they closed which was midnight! We popped him in the wagon a few times for a little bit just when we wanted to walk a little faster. He had many distractions while we were walking which would pull him 'off course' and slow us down (I would have to chase him)... like anytime he spotted bubbles, balloons, stollers, and scooters... he loves to CHASE old people on their scooters! Don't ask me why he does it, but it's funny! LOL!

The Rides and Stuff:
We took Maletch and Addie on the Carousel (Merry Go Round), an Airplane ride, and a very fast Roller Coaster. Jason also took Addie down a huge "super slide." The kids really enjoyed the rides, but I think they enjoyed looking at all of the lights, people, and animals just as much!
I think the Airplane ride was Maletch's favorite (it was like the "Dumbo ride," going around and up & down). Jae wanted to take Addie on it, but he couldn't fit inside properly, so the ride attendant "kicked him off'" LOL- so my mom was happy to take her on it! Lil Audrey is only 6 months so she wasn't quite ready for the rides, she was busy eating, sleeping and looking around though.
I regretted the Roller Coaster since it was faster and jerkier than I expected- it was weird and dangerous because it only had a 'lap bar,' NO seat belt, so we were both clutching our kids so they wouldn't slide out, and it made my neck sore. Oh well at least he enjoyed it, well, until the kids in front of us started screaming like we were gonna die- that seemed to make him nervous, LOL!

They had 3 areas with animals, 2 were petting zoos, which is what we were looking for, but we ended up in the one that you couldn't go inside the enclosures. A silly goat squeezed his head with horns through the slats in the fence, to take a peek at Addie and Maletch who were standing right there. I didn't get a good shot of the kids with the goat, since we were unsure if it would bite, we were pulling the kids back a little ways. It was so cute, Maletch thought the goat was a horse and he kept saying "hor" and Addie thought it was a dog!

The kids were so cute together, Maletch was so curious about Addie and he kept wanting to touch her and stare at her. Funny at this age, they are curious and want to inter-act or do SOMETHING, but they don't know exactly what to do... I got pictures (2 different times) of him reaching across the wagon and sticking his fingers in her mouth- I guess that is what he came up with!
Below is a slideshow of some pics from the Fair. I threw a few of my not-so-favorite shots in for now and will probably take them out later.

Slideshow O.C. Fair!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Family Reunion

What was supposed to be a "small BBQ," quickly turned into a "mini family reunion" once the word 'got around'. We had no idea that many people were going to be there, so it was a neat surprise to walk into! Somehow we didn't manage to get photos of everyone that was there, only about half. Those of us with kids were outside most of the time, and those that stayed inside (where it was cool) were missed.

Who was there:
In the first photo: Dad, Denise, Uncle Lini, Aaron, Britt, Addie, John, Maletch, me, Aunt Barbie, Uncle Kerry, Adam, Keri, Lucas, Eden
Were there, but not in photo: Grandma, Bill, Ian, Leslie, Angel, Shaun, Jesse, Anthony, Jordan, Jason, and Reed

It was so funny trying to get 'just the kids' in one photo- YEAH RIGHT! There wasn't THAT many of them either (OK there was 7). The older kids "didn't want to" and the little ones were just busy playing and weren't paying attention, and Maletch kept 'wandering off' pushing a little truck. We have a series of so many hilarious pics, there was always 1 or more "goofing off" or acting silly, and at least 1 or more looking the opposite way with their BACKS to the camera (OK that was usually my kid). Keri tried to assist us with the shot by keeping Maletch in the picture, and faced the right way, but we could just never get that good pic of all of them! In this shot (above), you can barely see Lucas who is so cute- he is laying in front of Keri and Maletch. And of course 2 have their heads turned. These were the best 2 pics, pretty sad!

Look closely at this pic: Notice that Maletch was rolling the truck on Lucas's head!

The 3 one-year-olds:
It was cute watching Eden, Addie, and Maletch play and they seemed to attract/gravitate to each other. Maletch and Eden shared toys and passed them back and forth. Lucas and Jesse are about the same age as each other (3-4), so they are best buds too!
They started by having a belated celebration for Addie's birthday (which was last month). She got a cool Electric Quad. One of Addie's 1-year old friends (Ben) has a similar one, so she already knew how to ride it. She had a blast 'putting around' on that thing most of the day! It is really cool and we are going to get one for Maletch- OK- not the "Barbie" one, we will find the 'boy model'! These pics were mostly taken in their front yard. Although, my dad, John and I took Maletch for a walk later in their gorgeous backyard (which is on a couple acres) and looks like a farm- there is something to look at everywhere! They have a custom garden, greenhouse, gazebo, wishing well fountain, and so much more! It was so fun watching lil Maletch run around and explore everything- it made us wish we had a yard like that!

What happened to Us Being Color Coordinated??
If you have been paying attention to my recent posts and are wondering- why we weren't color coordinated... first I would have to say "good eye" (and thanks for paying attention)... BUT... we actually were when we arrived. I had on an orange & white dress, BUT, Lancaster is too windy for a dress- and I had a "Marilyn Monroe situation" happening while we were outside, LOL! So I had to change- that sucked! So John and Maletch were still coordinated, and I was the odd-ball that 'clashed', (Eeeew! Pink and orange- not a good combo) Yep, I'm a dork and proud of it! Hahaha!

Great Having Babysitters:
Once the BBQ was over, everyone went to where they were staying (different houses) to get the kids in bed and later that night- since we all had babysitters (all of the grandparents), 11 of us met for cocktails at El Toreo, a Mexican restaurant down the street. Jae, Britt, John, me, Aaron, Adam, Keri, Shaun, Angel, Reed, and Donnie went. It was really fun getting a chance to visit everyone and have just the adults together. It was endless joke telling and reminiscing, so basically constant laughter! Good times!!

Our Motley Crew!

Hot Mammas!

We spent the night on Sat, then Sun we went to visit my other Grandma 'Mamma.' The kids had fun playing in her HUGE yard too! It's a shame that our camera died just before we went over there, and I forgot to bring the charger. So we took a few cute pics on our cell phones, I will try to upload those soon. I love hanging out with Mamma! We had such a good time over there- we gpt carried away and didn't leave her house until about 10:30pm and we had a long drive home.
Slideshow below!

Slideshow Mini Reunion!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maletch's Words and Translations!

It is so fun listening to Maletch talk. It is nice that we can communicate with him, and he understands so much now! He understands way more than he can speak. He has 50+ words he says regularly.

Here's a list of the ones I can think of along with his pronunciations:

baby "baybi"
balloon "bawoon"
banana "nana"
Bambi "bimbi"
Bert "ber" (Sesame Street character)
bottled water "bawa"
Bruno "nono"
Bob's Big Boy "bobibo"
bubbles "bubba"
cat "nono" (he thinks all cats are named 'Bruno')
cracker "cwacka"
daddy "dadde"
diaper "dipah"
Elmo "mo" or "momo"
Ernie "ern" or "nini"
flower "fower"
grilled cheese "ger cheese"
horse "hor"
juice "tuce"
Mickey Mouse "mou" or "mimo"
mommy "mamma"
monkey "mong"
over there "o'dere" (while pointing)
star "tar"
thank you "tank you"
water "wawa"
zebra "bra"

These words he can pronounce perfectly:
"bye bye"
"car" and he makes "engine noises" while he plays
"duck" and he makes the noise "wack-wack"
"oink oink" (when he sees a pig)
"Pooh" (winnie the)
"uh-oh" (when he drops something)
"wow" and "oh wow"

He puts some words together like:
"more tuce?" (when his cup is empty)
"more cwacka?"
"what's dat?"
"bye-bye car?" (when he wants to go bye bye in the car)

He just said his first complete sentence:
"I get da bawoon!"

Here are some of the "instructions" that he understands:
"Can mommy have a kiss" (he will lean and kiss me- and he melts my heart every time!)
"Come here"
"Hop on" (his big riding toys)
"This way"
"Go get your ____" (fill in the blank with specific toy or object names)
"Give that to mommy"
"Watch your step" (He will look down)
"Be careful" (he will pay more attention to what he is doing and/or slows down)
"That's hot" (He will blow on his food)
"Let's go change your diaper" (He runs and plays a hide-and-seek game, while laughing)
"Let's get your jammies on" (He will walk to his room for me)
"Wanna go nite-nite?" (We are lucky, he actually likes to go to bed- weird huh?? I keep thinking that has to change, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts!)
"Are you hungry, are you ready to eat?" (he will pull his high-chair out and hop in)
"Throw the ball"

I have seen lots of mommies make a blog list like this, with 'words they say up to 18 months' as a treat for the Grandparents. Plus, the next time you see him, you'll be able to understand him- LOL! He sure has came a long way from his first word (which was "tuce") at about 10 months of age. I don't count the words he said 'earlier on' when they were used "at random" or "indiscriminately".

It's funny that Maletch's first words were so completely different from the typical first words like: 'mamma', 'dadda', 'baba'... his first 3 were: "tuce," "uh-oh," and "cwacka." I guess he always 'wants to be different,' like his mommy, HaHa! I even remember his doctor's reaction, "He says juice??" then there was a long pause, and then, "Really??"

Maletch really learned the 'power' of words with "tuce," cuz he would say it- and mommy would run and get him some juice-and he LOVED that! So ever since, he decided "I'm gonna learn ALL the words" LOL, and look how many he has since 10 months old!
I can't wait until he really gets talking and we can have a conversation.