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Friday, August 7, 2009

YAY!! Aunt and Uncle Came to Town!

'G' has her hands FULL!

My brother, his wife (my sister) and my niece came out last week and stayed for 5 days! YAY!!! We had such great time with them while they were here, and we just adored lil A! She is such a sweet, beautiful, and happy girl! M and A are only 3 months apart, how cool is that?

We had a 'Jam Packed' week:
Wed: They came to our house and we went swimming!
Thurs: We went to my mom's house, then to the O.C. Fair!
Fri: My Mom came over and helped John and I with the preperations for the garage sale we were in at my favorite scrapbook store! The items had to be ready priced, packaged, and "turned in" to the store by 7:00pm - we cut that very close and almost didn't make it! Wheeew!
Sat: We went to my dad's house for a family reunion with lots of my cousins and we spent the night!
Sun: We hung out at dad's for the day, then went to visit my Grandma ("Mamma") and got back late (1:00 am)
Mon: We picked up the items that didn't sell from the store, and I now get to go on a $350.00 shopping spree- YAY! Plus we got rid of a lot of unwanted stuff! Double YAY!

I know you want all the deets- so keep scrolling! :)
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