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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pause the Music Player!

Below are 2 videos that have sound. You will want to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog before you play the videos (or the sounds will be battling).
The pause button is on the top left of the music player.

The first video was taken while Grandma and Grandpa (Dad and Denise) were down visiting.
If you thought the last video was funny, you are gonna love these!

Maletch Jammin on His Baby Grand Video!

Hendrix Doesn't Have Anything on You Baby!

The next video is Maletch doing his "Air Guitar!" Do we have a Hendrix in the making?? Haha!
He is completely infatuated with music and dancing--- AND even more specifically with 'bands' and their instruments. He can name each one and mimic how to play it.
We decided to invest in some nice quality beginner instruments for him to play. He has a Baby Grand Piano, a Drum Set, Guitar, Harmonica, Trumpet, Saxophone, and several others! The piano and drums are his favorites right now! Although the Harmonica and Microphone are regularly used too! He asks John and I to play with him in "his band" and when the grandparents come over they are invited to play too! He actually passes out the instruments that he wants each person to play, and says "Band, Ready count!" (then we all count to 3 outloud and start playing 'on three') and then he finishes with a dramatic "Ta Da!" It's so cute!

Here Comes a Little Air Guitar Video!!

Christmas Portraits 2009 Slideshow!

Our Christmas Was Lots of Fun!

We had a nice cozy Christmas! We had so many presents for Maletch- it took us several days to open everything! Each toy comes so tightly packaged in twisty ties- it takes 20 minutes to get each item out of the box, lol!
He had so much fun playing with everything and opening presents! He has now mastered all of his toys that he got- including T-Ball (which is not a good idea in the house anymore). He hits serious line drives into the walls and a few have hit John and I upside the head when we weren't looking!
He loves coloring on his new Easel/Desk and he is addicted to the Disney movie "Cars" and his favorite characters are Lightning McQueen, Mater, Ramone, Mack, and Doc- which he names perfectly except he pronounces McQueen "Kween" and Ramone "Mamone"
He also loves Thomas the Train, "Tommy Choo Choo" and "Percy" are his favorites right now.
He tries to juggle "guggle" like daddy, and he thinks he's pretty good at it- although he is really just throwing balls- crazy style up in the air- it's really cute!

Some of Maletch's Christmas Loot!

I Want To Juggle Like Daddy!