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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hendrix Doesn't Have Anything on You Baby!

The next video is Maletch doing his "Air Guitar!" Do we have a Hendrix in the making?? Haha!
He is completely infatuated with music and dancing--- AND even more specifically with 'bands' and their instruments. He can name each one and mimic how to play it.
We decided to invest in some nice quality beginner instruments for him to play. He has a Baby Grand Piano, a Drum Set, Guitar, Harmonica, Trumpet, Saxophone, and several others! The piano and drums are his favorites right now! Although the Harmonica and Microphone are regularly used too! He asks John and I to play with him in "his band" and when the grandparents come over they are invited to play too! He actually passes out the instruments that he wants each person to play, and says "Band, Ready count!" (then we all count to 3 outloud and start playing 'on three') and then he finishes with a dramatic "Ta Da!" It's so cute!

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