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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maletch: The Little Actor!

I have been wanting to take a video of this for a LONNNG time and tonight I caught a little on tape for you!
Since Maletch was a little over a year old, he began acting out every single scene during movies (actions and dialogue) everything down to the voices and facial expressions. Yes, even when he was too young to understand what he was saying. Then he began to want to play characters around the house when the TV was not on (some of you have seen this) he will pass out roles and we can 'improv' to different characters, and sometimes he wants to reenact a specific scene. Lately, he is all about Snow White and his favorite is (the queen/witch scene). We have not seen the movie yet- he is getting it for Christmas :) but he met her at Disneyland and started asking all about her. So naturally we started reading him stories about Snow White.

I am typing all of his dialogue below since he is a little harder to understand on video:

"Magic Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?
There was a rumble, and a rumble, and a rumble, and smoke appeared.
It is Snow White.
What? I am posed to be the fairest. Ha Ha Ha.
I am going to drink this drink, (gulp, gulp, gulp)
and turn into the witch. Ha Ha Ha!
Here Snow White have a poison apple.
Take a bite and make a wish.
I wish I can meet the prince.
Aaah, you will sleep forever.
Oh no, Snow White is asleep.
How we can wake her up?
I'm sad, (wah wah) [the Seven Dwarfs]
We need the handsome prince to give her a kiss.
I am the handsome prince, I will give her a kiss. (mwah)
Yeah, Snow White he is awake."

I will try to capture a better 'performance' for you soon, but until then...

Note: Don't forget to pause the music player (at the bottom of my blog), so you can hear him better- or the sounds will be battling.

Snow White Performance.MOV

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Playing with Photoshop!

I am having fun playing with Photoshop! Last year we bought the program because the software we had just couldn't do as much as I wanted with photos. There is a lot you can do with Photoshop and I have a LOT to learn. One thing is for sure, it is not a simple program (it is not intuitive)- so this may take me a while :)

I like the look of photos when they are mostly B/W with parts in color- so I was playing with that...
These weren't the best quality pics to start with-- so I am really looking forward to editing decent portraits that we will take with our lights and backdrops. I've got some ideas I can't wait to try!

The original pic (before edits)

Funny, this pic looks like I placed a digital butterfly image on her head (hey that would have been easier, LOL) BUT, I really put a butterfly (from my scrapbooking supplies) on her head when I took the photo.

Below is a collage: These are all of Sariah at 2 months old

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sariah Likes Mishief Too!

We gave Maletch a digital camera on his 3rd birthday, and it is the most awesome little camera! It is loaded with everything a kid could want from games to even video recording capabilities! It does not perform like a DSLR, hehe, with it's low 2 mp resolution but he doesn't seem to mind the low picture quality (most 3 yr olds don't care much about that)- he just loves that he can take REAL pics. This camera even came with jacks to connect and view his photos and videos on our TV, or upload them to the computer. It also comes with in-camera photo editing as well as software for editing on CD-ROM! Pretty neat, huh? I love that he is becoming tech savvy so young, but what I love best is that it gives me a way to see the world through his eyes! Sometimes I am surprised by what he wants to take a picture of- and sometimes he gets really creative setting up his shots too, lol! It is funny when I scroll through his photos and see all of our mug shots, and perfectly displayed groupings of toys, to freeze frames of a TV show, to many shots of just his feet. I will be sure to upload and share some of Maletch's favorite photos (that he took) in another post. He is very proud of some of his shots!

I was goofing around with his camera tonight and I took a video of Maletch playing on the computer, at first, but I panned across and saw Sariah opening Addie's present, lol! Caught-cha little stinker! Sorry Addie, hehe, I will re-wrap it! The video isn't the greatest quality since this was taken from his camera- but you can still make it out- but no Addie, you can't see what you are getting, LOL!

*Note: Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog before playing the video or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the upper left hand corner of the player.

P.S. If you are interested in getting one of these for a child 3-10 yrs old for Christmas, it is the VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera Plus (the "Plus" part makes a HUGE difference from other models) they retail for $80.00-90.00, but I just saw them on walmart.com right now for 60 bucks (with free site-to-store)- great deal! Walmart offers 2 colors: pink or blue. I did a TON of homework on these (like everything else I buy) and this kids camera is the best on the market by far!

Sariah Opening Addie's present!?!? Video!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thomas the Train 2011!!!

Yep, we made it to our "Day Out with Thomas" today! Although it did rain on our parade, it did not rain out our fun! It was pretty dang cold and wet, and although that was a bummer, there was one positive side to the weather- it made it practically empty compared to last year. The lines were so short at each station there was almost no waiting for anything!!

Maletch is so funny, although he knew about this event because he had been counting down the days literally for over 3 months.... he said that he wanted to be surprised and that he did not want us to tell him on the day until we get there (just like last time)..... SO, I decided when we had counted down to 12 more days, that I would quit telling the exact number of days anymore, and just say, "Yep, pretty soon..." ... WELL that little bugger KNOWS how to count down from 12 all by himself because last night at bedtime, he says, "Mommy are we going to go see Thomas?" I said, "Yeah, pretty soon, a few more days." He said, "A few more days mommy, or ONE more day? It is only one more night-night and THIS is the night-night, right?" I didn't want to lie to him (it really broke my heart) BUT he said he wanted to be surprised, so I fibbed and said, "No honey, we aren't going to see Thomas tomorrow, we are going to do some errands though"... (and I made up a bunch of stuff, hoping that would distract him if I kept talking, plus it was a built in excuse for where we would be "driving" in the morning). I could tell this was confusing to him because he HAD kept track!!
I don't know how the heck he does that-- BUT he has done this to us so many times in the past with Disneyland- we did a similar thing like let him know in advance that it was coming so he could look forward to it- but like 2-3 days before I would stop saying the number of days (not to surprise him with those trips, ONLY to make sure he would go to sleep and not stay up all excited) WELL he had figured out how to count down (and keep track) of 2-3 days by himself and would ask the same questions the night before--- so I THOUGHT I had learned my lesson- so with Thomas - 12 days - I thought that was plenty of days to lose track of for a 3-yr-old, but NOPE!! Holy heck?!?!?!
Anyway, so we fibbed and tried to play it off as good as we could, and apparently we were pretty convincing because even though he initially DID know (on his own)- he did seem surprised when we got there (only because his mom and dad were fibbing) BUT, he was super happy that we did that.
I am glad he appreciated our "trick we played", lol, cuz I really hated doing it- but NOW John and I don't know how to let him know about something in advance so that he can look forward to it, without him always knowing the night before-- cuz you CAN'T tell him about anything coming, without him wanting a specific- he WILL ask you how many more days, and even when I have tried saying things like "about 2 weeks", he always asks, "How many days is that?" LOL! How he keeps track without a calendar, I really don't understand??? I have even tried telling him it was one day later (adding one day to the actual number of days) if it is really 6, then just say 7 from the beginning, but he heard me tell John the plan apparently, cuz he 'called me out' on that too, hehe! Man, what a dilemma!

A few details/highlights/cute moments:

I chose the last departure time (train ride) of the day so that we could spend the entire start of the day doing the different activities. Maletch lasted all day without a nap, and without getting fussy- what a trooper! This way too, the whole day was a 'build up' to the best part- our ride on Thomas, and boy was he looking forward to it all day. He was so excited when we finally boarded, announcing, "All aboard" and blowing his train whistle... we got half way through our journey and the poor boy fell asleep, hehe! I really couldn't believe my eyes- but he was THAT tired, poor boy, he missed part of the train ride! Well, thank goodness he was awake for the first half, and then we made sure we woke him up before we got off (opposed to carry him) because I didn't want him to feel like he missed the end and didn't say "goodbye." I don't think he realizes he nodded off for a few minutes, and let's not anybody tell him, hehe.

After Maletch got his Thomas tattoo, as we were leaving the 'Tattoo parlor' (haha) he stopped and said, "Wait, Sariah didn't get a tattoo, we need to get one for Sariah!" My heart melted that he was looking out for his baby sister. He is always such a sweet boy, but when he shows thoughtfulness to her, it is always so touching to me. I think it was even more so since we were in a place that was so FUN, it would be easy to 'forget' to be thoughtful of others (like be thinking about the next fun thing we were going to do), but he continued to be thoughtful of her all day. He wanted her to get everything that he got. As far as the tattoo, although we hadn't planned on getting one for Sariah, hehe, of course we went right back in. Maletch said, "I think Sariah wants to have a Percy tattoo." That was a great choice, and Percy is what she got!
He always wants to share every thing he has with other kids (no matter where we are) and today was no different, right down to the bag of chips he was eating. "Mommy, I want to share my chips with that boy over there." Throughout the day, several of the employees had heard his thoughtful comments/gestures, and many were giving him special treatment, hehe! It is a pleasure to take him places and always has been- and I am so grateful for that!

I love their Thomas store! I scored a lot of cool Thomas merchandise again this time (exclusive Thomas stuff only available to event-goers). I picked up a few scrapbooking items, photo frames, cute Thomas clothes, as well as a few Christmas gifts for him!

We had a special bag of Thomas gifts for him when we got home to top off the perfect day! There were many goodies in the bag, including toys, videos, and other misc Thomas items- he loved everything!

I am just starting this post, BUT I have been working on the slideshow for what feels like FOREVER... the pictures are taking WAY too long to load (my computer must have something VERY wrong with it), so I still don't have all of the pics on here, nor are the ones that I have organized, but I threw some in a slideshow for now and I will just have to work on this later (right now I need a break). There should be more pics, and better pics later today/tomorrow.
I am so MAD at my computer because what should have taken 2 hours (to download, edit, and upload to internet) has taken 15 hours and I am still not finished!! UGGH!!! I don't have time to diagnose and fix my computer- dang thing- I just want to finish uploading photos!

Here is a "sneak peek" thanks for stopping by!
Much more coming..........

Thomas 2011 Slideshow!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I threw together a slideshow below that I will work on more later today.
You can check out "The Pollard Squadron" for now....
Do we look tough???
Yep, nobody wants to mess with us!!! :)
We had a nice Halloween with the kids although we didn't make it to the Festival on Sunday as planned because I was so exhausted (apparently). I didn't mean to, but I fell asleep Sunday afternoon and slept until about 1:30am on Monday- I guess our crazy schedule finally caught up to me. Anyway, John came home from work early Monday, so we could take the kids to the Festival Halloween night, but we got there just in time for them to close, so we stayed a short time and then headed for the Elephant bar.
John's dad (Pops) is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force so when John's mom saw some Air Force costumes at the Bx she couldn't resist getting them for the kids. Apparently they found the one for Maletch first, and when Pops spotted the baby girl 'Air Force Princess' costume/dress he completely flipped, hehe! They are adorable! They were able to give me plenty of time to find John and I some Air Force costumes too. I decided on flight suits for us, since the kids had fatigues, so that we would not all be twins, and also so that we would look a little more like Air Force than Army. They also sent some "Pollard" name tag/patches and official Air Force Patches and pins that we attached to all of our costumes, as well as official AF hats for John and I which really made our costumes complete!
My costume is shorter than I would have liked, but it was the only flight suit I could find in my size. I don't know why so many Halloween costumes are that way? My costume aside, I thought we looked tough, hehe! Even little Sariah, our newest recruit in our squadron was ready for trouble! And our leader sure looked HOTT in his uniform! :)

We received lots of comments, although.... if I hear "Look at the Army family" one more time, lol! I don't know how many times I said, "We are AIR FORCE", LOL!

One of the highlights of the night was when Maletch asked me to dance with him. Although I dance with him a lot- the way he asked me seemed like a boy asking a girl at a dance- it was so cute! Of course Maletch danced in his true "Dancing with the Stars" fashion, and wouldn't let me do otherwise either. And while we were dancing in the Elephant bar (where nobody else was dancing) not only were we not caring what anybody thought, or who was looking, there was something about that moment I can't explain that I just knew that I would remember it forever. Thank you for the dance Maletch!!

Sariah 5 1/2 months
Maletch 3 1/2 years

I just realized that I did post pics of Sariah trying her first smoothie (which she LOVED) but I didn't post the pic of her facial expression when she first tasted it- it was HILARIOUS! She made the face like she didn't like it, apparently she had to get used to it first, hehe- she looked like it was the most disgusting thing ever- ok note to self- I will get that pic later today (it's on the other computer) AND also Maletch (my super picky eater) cracks me up, he never wants to try anything new- WELL he didn't even want to try a dessert that he LOVES (for some reason it looked different to him), and I also snapped a photo of the look on his face (the look he makes when he is looking at food he is unsure of) and that photo also made me laugh out loud, and I didn't post that one either. OK, so that is 2 pics I need to add....

Halloween 2011 Slideshow!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Backing Up!

I have so many things that I want to go 'back' and blog, in addition to keeping up with the new updates, and I am working hard to get it all caught up. It was shortly after Halloween last year, that I began having complications during my pregnancy and I wasn't able to keep up with the blog after that.
I will at least go back to include some of the big events, holidays, and family visits from the past year that were missed. Initially when I post something new, it will be at the top of the blog, and then after everyone has had a chance to see it, I will then put it where it belongs chronologically in the archives (so you may see some posts disappear from the front page). I mention this because I know some of you download photos from the slideshows and posts, so I wanted to give you fair warning that I will be moving some of the posts. If anyone has questions about how to see or find older posts, please don't hesitate to ask.

Scroll down to see photos, videos, and details from our "Day Out with Thomas" the train...

Friday, October 14, 2011

When Little Boys Misbehave!

What do you get when little boys misbehave?? A HUGE mess, hehe!
I don't know what it is that attracts little boys to mess and destruction so much, but when Maletch decides to make a mess it is always a BIG one.
Tonight, I served Maletch a cup of hot chocolate, told him I was going to take a shower, would be back in 15 minutes and I told him when I got back we would do a special project I had planned. He was excited.

But before I came back, he came into the bathroom and this was the conversation:
Maletch: "Uh-oh, mommy, I made a huge mess, you need to come and see this! I think I need a spanking."
Me: "You think you need a spanking?"
Maletch: "Yeah mommy, come here and spank me."
Me: "You want a spanking?"
Maletch: "Yeah."
The irony here is that we don't use spanking to discipline. We just don't find it necessary, since we have found what seems to be more effective with him (and no we don't use "time-out" either).
So this was kind of funny that he was asking for a spanking... what the heck??

I went downstairs to find he had taken a straw and used it like a spray gun and sprayed hot chocolate splatter all over everything within a 1o ft radius. When I say on everything I mean everything, it was all over the table, the cabinets, the walls, my sewing machine, laptop, the floor, even the stroller... EVERYWHERE! Uggh! I don't know how one cup could make such a huge mess, but everything was so covered in it!
It took me over an hour scrubbing the sticky film and spatter off, and I am still finding it in the weirdest places. Although I didn't see him do it, I can just picture him having fun trying to see how far he could shoot it, like- 'I wonder if I can hit this or that?'
Although that was probably 'fun' mischief, he definitely knows better, and of course I did not find it funny. So needless to say, he got in big trouble tonight! Little stinker!

Another whopper of a mess:
A few months ago Maletch made "cat food soup" in the carpet. We keep the cats' food and water dishes on the landing (on the stairs). Well he had taken the dry cat food and their water, mixed it together and mashed it in the carpet with some kitchen utensils (I remember a spoon, fork, and hand can-opener were used in his 'project'). And I am still not sure what the hand can-opener was used for (as there were no cans). When dry cat food gets wet, it becomes soggy and smelly- so super gross to be smashed in the carpet. When I asked him what the heck he was doing, he said, "I'm trying to help feed the cats." I found out later that he was chasing the cats around with spoons and forks loaded with his soup creation trying to 'spoon-feed' them, LOL! Ok, even though that mess was big and gross, I did find that kind of cute and pretty funny, but don't tell him that, hehe!

I will admit that even though he gets into mischief occasionally, we know we are blessed that we don't have to deal with a lot of the typical 3 year old bad behavior. We know that he is a very good kid and we are so thankful that he plays with other kids very well (sharing), and he never hits or throws tantrums. So I will gladly deal with his mischief over that any day, and count my blessings!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Blog Efforts:

I am making an effort to add a little to the blog everyday. So far, I am doing it, YAY! So keep checking back, hopefully I can stick to it, and there will be something new everyday. Sometimes I'll make new slideshows, and sometimes I will add new pics to existing slideshows (like I did the last few days).
Especially since I don't have much time to talk on the phone, I hope this is a good way for me to keep in touch with everybody- it's great that I can do this in the middle of the night when I have a few minutes- it's too bad most of you are sleeping and don't want to talk to me then, hehe!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Below is a Slideshow!!

Well, our lil ones are getting bigger everyday, and there is just so much I want to share! I wish I had more time to spend on updates, and I will make an effort to post more often now.

Sariah is just amazing! She is 4 months old now and already has 2 teeth and more on the way! She can also sit up by herself (without support) and she doesn't stay where you put her anymore (she scoots around) and she is on a mission! She prefers her brother's toys over her own and she LOVES to play with him! She is a very happy baby and likes to laugh and smile but she gets fussy after he goes to bed- because she misses him- apparently he is way more fun than mommy!!

Maletch is doing great! He is getting very good on the computer and enjoys watching videos and playing games on the internet. He still loves Thomas the train and is very excited about the "Day out with Thomas" that is coming up in November - he talks about it everyday. We went to it last year and I will be posting pics and more about that soon!

I have a million photos that I just uploaded from my camera- since I am tight on time- I just threw together about 20 pics (all from one day) into a slideshow below and I will add more to it throughout the week (when I have time to pick a variety from more folders).

A Few Pics of Our Lil Princess!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny "Maletch-isms"

I have always loved hearing about the funny things that kids say, and until a few years ago (before I had kids) my favorite stories from friends with kids were always the "kid-isms" that they would share. So I am especially loving the fact that I get to scrapbook and share the ones that Maletch says and since there are so many already, I can tell there is not enough space in his baby book for all of his quotes, so I just purchased a special journal just for his "Maletch-isms", and I hope he enjoys reading the funny things he said when he was little.

Here are a couple from the past few months:

I asked Maletch, "So what do you want to be when you grow up?" I could tell he wasn't sure exactly what I meant, so I talked about what daddy does for work, and what Grandma does, and then I added, "You can go to college and be anything you want to be, like a fireman, or a doctor, or an astronaut, or even the President of the United States." He was thinking about it, and then with the most serious look on his face, he answered, "I want to be Elmo when I grow up."
Later that week, he brought the subject up again on his own, and I guess he decided to 'change his major' because he said, "Mommy I want to be a conductor when I grow up" (and he was playing with his trains at the time)

Maletch drinks a lot of milk and juice throughout the day, and he likes to switch off constantly, so I always have 2 cups in the fridge (one for milk and one for juice) that I keep full so he can have whichever he wants.
I guess since Maletch had always heard me say that it was time for Sariah to have some milk, he thought it was time for a change because while I was breastfeeding her:
Maletch comes over and says, "Mommy, I think Sariah would like some JUICE now, I don't think she wants milk right now" and he was trying to give her his cup of juice.
I said, "That is very thoughtful and sweet of you, but she can't have any juice right now, so I am just going to give her some milk, but thank you."
Maletch, "Oh, OK."
A few seconds later, he asks, "So mommy, does that one have milk and that one have juice then?" (he was pointing to my chest, the different sides).
...does that one have juice then, LOL, wouldn't that be cool?

Today, Maletch was playing with a toy bus, and there was an Etch-a-Sketch sitting beside me, so I picked it up and said, "I am going to draw a bus like yours." Remember the Etch-a-Sketch, you draw turning the little knobs. So I thought I would impress him with my drawing, and I thought I had done pretty good at drawing the bus. When I was finished I showed him and asked, "So what do you think?" He said, "That isn't really right, mommy. The wheels should be circles not squares, and they should be the same size. You probably want to try it again."
, he is an observant little man, he was right, those were my mistakes! So I had better not ask his opinion if I don't want my work critiqued, LOL!

I'll add more quotes soon...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a blast at our annual 4th of July place (University of Redlands or U of R)
Of course Maletch started dancing in the parking lot right when we got there since he could here the music, shouting excitedly, "Come on mommy, let's go, let's dance!"
As we walked, holding hands, he was walking faster and faster, to the point I was being pulled- he wanted to get inside and he couldn't wait!
The only drag about going to this place is the amount of people going that don't have tickets. That is totally fine (in reality, I think they don't know what they are missing inside, since there is an entire show)- they want to watch the fireworks show for free- and I don't care that they want to see fireworks (why would I care?)-- BUT--- the traffic to get there is so insane- the streets are filled with cars and nobody moves forever- and we learned most of the people backing up the streets don't have tickets and that makes the people that do have tickets have to sit in that mess- that is pretty annoying!
That was off the subject a little, I just remembered that we were late getting inside, and that was why-- but it didn't take away from our fun- I just wished we wouldn't have missed any of it due to traffic delays!
Back to the actual fun- I was so surprised that Sariah wasn't scared at all by the noise. I knew the fireworks would be loud, but I forgot that to get a good spot to see the show, it puts you close to the speakers and what I really forgot was HOW loud the speakers are-- holy moly! But she didn't care a bit! She was staring at everything and having a good time! We really expected her to sleep through a lot of the event, since she is only 7 weeks old and sleeps a lot normally-- but she didn't sleep a single wink and we were there a LONG time- we didn't get home until midnight and she didn't fall asleep until the car ride home!! What the heck?? She wasn't going to miss a thing! She also didn't fuss one single bit the whole time! She loved all of it!
Maletch has seen fireworks many times since we have year round tickets to Disneyland and we always watch their fireworks show- so it wasn't as big a deal to him. Funny and surprising to me: Although he enjoyed the fireworks part, he was unimpressed you could tell hehe- he loved the music and the rest of the show more, and his favorite part was running around with other kids he met there. I was surprised he knew what the track in the stadium was for, he kept asking other kids to race him, and he knew to 'get in a lane' (on the track) and even funnier, he got in the sprinter's starter stance (one knee down, both hands down) and everything! Don't ask me where he learned that, but it was fun to watch, and that boy is seriously fast! I knew he could run fast, but I have never seen him run as fast as he can apparently, until tonight- and I will be looking for a Track & Field team that allows 3 year olds because he has speed! He was the fastest kid out there, and he was beating kids MUCH bigger than him. This might be hard to believe- but even the biggest kid who was 11 yrs old couldn't catch him!
I have a TON of pics so I threw some together in a slideshow below-- BUT I just realized that I didn't put a photo in that made me laugh OUT-LOUD -- a pic of the first time Sariah saw the fireworks- her eyes got so HUGE! I am so glad we got a photo of her reaction- it was so funny! I've got to find that one and add it to the slideshow, plus a few others that we took at the house before we left!

4th of July!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Baby Sariah!!

We are SO very blessed with TWO beautiful children!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
Welcome to the world baby girl!!
I love to just stare at Sariah, and every time I gaze at her- I always hear a song playing in my head (kind of like a soundtrack) as I look at her- and it is the song playing right now. Since I am always hearing "Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world..." in my head, I just had to upload it so you could hear it too!
She is amazing!
She is very strong physically, the very first day (only a few hours old) she lifted and held up her own head without support (just like her brother did) with total neck control as she turned her head both ways and looked around the room to check things out.
In fact minutes after she was born- when she was brought to me for the first time, she immediately recognized my voice and opened her eyes. I was amazed that she knew which direction to look- with all the commotion and people around- she looked straight at me and we locked eyes. I was so happy because I knew that very moment that her hearing was fine and that she had a lot of sense of her surroundings already! Also, I was surprised for being just minutes old that she was very alert and trying to focus her eyes so intently!
Immediately after birth, while she was being cleaned up beside me- she was sucking, rooting, and looking for her milk! She was born hungry and ready to eat, and unlike many babies that have to endure a lot of practice breastfeeding- she was successful on the first try!
The doctors were joking and commenting that she had the "loudest suck" they had ever heard. One doctor (the one that broke her collar bone), felt compelled to visit us the next day. He recalled, "I think I will always remember her as the baby with the strongest suck," he added, "I could hear her from across the room- and there were a LOT of people in there- I could hear her ABOVE all of that noise!" Hey, when she's hungry, she's not messing around! hehe!
Soon to be posted, the now funny, but crazy story of the day she was born- which was like a movie, but was real- I only know it was real because I must have asked, "Is this really happening, or am I dreaming, is this a movie?" at least 95 times!

Meet Baby Sariah!!!