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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maletch: The Little Actor!

I have been wanting to take a video of this for a LONNNG time and tonight I caught a little on tape for you!
Since Maletch was a little over a year old, he began acting out every single scene during movies (actions and dialogue) everything down to the voices and facial expressions. Yes, even when he was too young to understand what he was saying. Then he began to want to play characters around the house when the TV was not on (some of you have seen this) he will pass out roles and we can 'improv' to different characters, and sometimes he wants to reenact a specific scene. Lately, he is all about Snow White and his favorite is (the queen/witch scene). We have not seen the movie yet- he is getting it for Christmas :) but he met her at Disneyland and started asking all about her. So naturally we started reading him stories about Snow White.

I am typing all of his dialogue below since he is a little harder to understand on video:

"Magic Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?
There was a rumble, and a rumble, and a rumble, and smoke appeared.
It is Snow White.
What? I am posed to be the fairest. Ha Ha Ha.
I am going to drink this drink, (gulp, gulp, gulp)
and turn into the witch. Ha Ha Ha!
Here Snow White have a poison apple.
Take a bite and make a wish.
I wish I can meet the prince.
Aaah, you will sleep forever.
Oh no, Snow White is asleep.
How we can wake her up?
I'm sad, (wah wah) [the Seven Dwarfs]
We need the handsome prince to give her a kiss.
I am the handsome prince, I will give her a kiss. (mwah)
Yeah, Snow White he is awake."

I will try to capture a better 'performance' for you soon, but until then...

Note: Don't forget to pause the music player (at the bottom of my blog), so you can hear him better- or the sounds will be battling.

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