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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maletch's First Trip to the Beach!!

I am late in posting the next slideshow which is from September (Maletch 18 months).
I had several doctors appointments down in Los Angeles, so each time we went- we made a fun day out of it.
One day we walked around the Redondo Beach Pier, ate at Tony's restaurant (with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean), then went to the beach that very warm night. Maletch had fun playing in the sand and water.
It was our first time taking him to the beach, and it was so hard not to laugh watching him try to walk on sand for the very first time! We planned on letting Maletch get his feet wet, but he wanted to go for a swim! He kept luring us out further and further- until we all became soaked- Maletch from head to toe, and John and I- up to our shoulders!
That day was special because Redondo Beach is where I grew up so it was fun to share some of my favorite places with John and Maletch. We will be going back to Redondo Bch this summer so I can take them to one of my all time favorite places (as a kid) "The Seaside Lagoon"!!
Another day while in L.A.: we went to one of my favorite little places to eat, Jerry's Famous Deli. John and I were brave and tried some exotic Mediterranean food for the first time- it was yummy!
So here are some pics from those two days...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now That's Funny!!

Tonight Maletch was goofing around and being silly. He was cracking up laughing, and said, "Oh my goodness, I'm funny!"

Disneyland & California Adventure- Oh the FUN!

We took Maletch to Disneyland for his official B-day celebration and we had so much fun! Our tickets also included a trip to California Adventure (so we got to have twice the fun!) I was so excited about taking him to both places equally because of the different rides, shows, and parades at each. I had researched ahead of time- so we could make the best use of our time there. I figured that he would be limited to what he could ride since he is only 2 yrs old. But I was surprised and happy to learn that because he is over 35" tall, he could go on every ride that I could (which is anything but the big 'jerky' roller coasters). I can't go on those anyway because of my neck injuries.
What I didn't know was that John had only been to Disneyland ONE time, and it was a LONG time ago (when he was a teenager during 'grad nite'). He didn't grow up in Cali, so he doesn't have the classic childhood memories of Disney, like I have. This was really like both of their first times to Disneyland! That made it even more special! It turned out, he had never even been on any of the rides that we went on (the "classics").
At Disneyland:
We went to City Hall and got Maletch a birthday button, so everybody would know it was his special day (and everybody noticed). Then we took care of some 'really important business'- getting Maletch his "first ears"- ya know ya got to do that! Aww, so cute with his name embroidered across the back! Then we headed for the fun....
He absolutely flipped over 2 of the rides:
"Autopia" was his favorite because he got to drive a 'real' car by himself! My gosh he was so excited while controlling that steering wheel! He drives like a maniac is all I can tell you- we were bouncing around like crazy- but it was so much fun! He even got a driver's license (with his photo) and everything!
The "Nemo Submarine" ride is the other one where he flipped because he loves "Nemo" (from the movie). He kept telling everybody at the park, that he "got to see Nemo on the boat!" This ride was new for me too, because it has been completely remodeled from the 'original submarine ride'- which you might remember was a cool underwater experience- well now the scenery is completely changed and the aqua life are now characters- made to feel like you are in the movie.
We also got to go on "Pirates of the Caribbean" which he seemed to like alot- but he was very 'serious' on that boat because he was busy taking it all in.
A few other fav's were: "The Jungle Cruise" (we saw lots of animals and our 'captain' was HILARIOUS- I was laughing so hard I was crying) and "Alice In Wonderland" was super cool too!
We wanted to go on "It's a Small World" but it was having maintenance issues when we there. We also got to see a fantastic fireworks show that featured a flying, lit-up "Tinkerbell" - Now that was pretty amazing!
We knew there was no way we could go from morning til night with Maletch needing his early afternoon nap, so we decided to go late and stay late which worked out perfect! That is the only nap he usually takes- so he was fully charged for the trip. The only thing we missed out on was 'meeting the characters.' Apparantly they stop walking around early evening, and we didn't realize that (or we could have made that the first thing we did). By the time we started asking about Mickey, he was already gone. Oh well, we know for next time!

3 weeks later, we went to California Adventure:
Although they have a TON of fun rides for kids, I was most excited to take Maletch to their parades and shows.
They have a FANTASTIC "Pixar Parade" that has some amazing floats, with live stunts (crazy stunt men), and all of the major characters from the newer Disney Pixar movies like "Finding Nemo" (ya know he loves that), "Toy Story" (he loves Buzz Lightyear), and his MOST favorite of all yep- "Cars!" I couldn't wait to see Maletch's face when he would meet 'Lightning McQueen' and 'Mater'! Oh boy was he shocked, his eyes were huge and his jaw was dropped for so long (seriously- mouth wide open)- he was in total disbelief- and he was so serious! It was too funny!
That parade had super fun music so I couldn't help but dance and smile the whole time! I uploaded some of the songs/sounds from the parade which you are listening to now (exept the sound was MUCH better and louder in person) . The best part was when McQueen pulled up to us and started reving his engine "Vroom!" "VRoooom!" it was so loud, and so realistic just like a real racecar- it was really awesome! Mcqueen is not just a character in a movie and Maletch's favorite toy- he is real, LOL!
We missed one of the shows that I wanted to take him to, where the classic disney characters (Mickey and friends) sing, dance, and interact with the kids in the audience. It is in a studio there, but we arrived just a little too late- so we will be sure to catch that one next time.
That night we got to see the famous "Electrical Parade" which I was sure I had seen as a kid (at Disneyland)- but it was even more spectacular than I remembered- so much that I'm starting to doubt that I had seen it before. It was truly amazing and beautiful! Tons of characters were in it too.
Maletch made us laugh when "Alice" from 'Alice and Wonderland' went by on a float, and Maletch waved and said, "Hi mommy!" Then he turned around and looked at me like "wait a minute??" She did have long blonde hair, LOL!
We did enjoy all the rides there too, but I think our favorite would have to be the Toy Story 3-D one where we had guns and rode around shooting targets- that was super fun! That is why you will see the silly pics of- all three of us wearing those funky glasses, haha!

Funny, we had so much fun that when we were leaving Cali Adventure- we were already planning to go online (as soon as we got home) to buy more tickets to come back (to both parks) right away! But before we got to the car, we met another family that had 'season tickets' (we had met a few others before) and in talking with them we started seeing the value in them and we decided to get Season Tickets too! YAY! They are rediculously expensive- well I think 850 bucks is crazy (for 2 adults)- but we decided to go for it! I'm excited that we will be able to spend so much quality family fun time- anytime we want- while creating great memories too! So anytime you all want to go to Disney, the Pollards will be available! And you know that means lots more fun Disney pics to come!
The slideshow below is just a few pics I threw together-- but some of my FAVORITE pics are on regular "old school" film. I do have them developed, but I need to scan them to my computer and I just haven't gotten around to that yet. When I do, I will share by adding them to this slide. I will probably also add a few video clips from the Electrical Parade because it's impossible to capture the beauty in a photo, the video is much better! I'm sure some of you haven't seen this parade- it is amazing!

Two Year Olds Are So Entertaining!!

Here's Another Funny Conversation with Maletch:

Maletch: "Go bye bye in the car?"
Me: "You want to go bye bye? Where do you want to go?"
Maletch "Go to the bank?"
Me: "You want to go to the bank??"
Maletch: "Go to the bank and to the store Toys R Us?"
Me: "Well, we don't need to go to the bank, but I guess we could go to Toys R Us!"
Maletch: "I go nite-nite first, we go after, OK?"

I'm going to see if I can upload a recording John took of Maletch singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" It is only 'audio' and not the best recording (it is recorded on his toy microphone, lol)- but it's super cute! He shocked us the other night by memorizing (from a new video) most of the first two lines of it.
After the video went off, we heard, "Twinkle little star, how I wonder you are." Tonight he sang, "Row, row your boat, merry merry merry" after hearing it once. The second time I played it he sat there with such concentration trying to listen to learn more of the words. I must find that computer microphone I have around here somewhere- and try to remember how to use it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Things Maletch Says

All of these quotes are from last month (the week of his 2nd birthday) that I jotted down for his baby book, with the exception of one (which I noted was back at 15 months) but I threw in this post because it was funny for those that haven't heard it. I took quotes that either surprised me, or made me laugh (so- some are funnier than others).

When Maletch trips and bumps into anyone or anything, he always apologizes to them or it. I can't help but smile when I hear him apologize to a thing. I hear, "I'm sorry Percy!" (one of his toy trains) or, "I'm sorry dinosaur!"

One day while out running errands, I told Maletch where we would be going (to Target and to Jamba Juice where he would get to see the water fountain). Maletch was really excited about seeing the water. When we were leaving Target, I said, "Oh I just remembered, we need to go to the bank!" Maletch got concerned and asked if we would "go see the water?" So I explained, yes we would but we would go to the bank first, then the water fountain after. He responded by asking to "go see water first?"

I told Maletch, "It's bedtime." He went to the couch, laid down, and said "I'm sleeping" and made snoring noises (no idea where he learned that?)

A different night
Mommy: "Maletch, it's time for bed"
Maletch: "I'm going to sit down on the potty chair and go potty. I'm going to go potty in the potty chair. No more diapers, put on underwear! OK?"

Mommy: "Maletch, do you want a grilled cheese?"
Maletch: "How about a yogurt?"

One day he was hardly eating at all, and I was beginning to wonder what was going on. Maletch finally told me, "Belly don't feel good, tummy hurt!" (while he was rubbing his stomach). Sure enough he had to go diarrhea right at that moment, and poor boy had it for days. I was surprised he even knew how to tell me that!

Funny public restroom story:
When we are out in public, he is obsessed with pointing out the bathrooms in stores. He can somehow recognize the sign on the door, I guess. You would think that we use a lot of public restrooms by the way he has a knack for spotting them, but the truth is, he has been in them maybe a handful of times- ever. I avoid them if at all possible since they are so disgusting and he will inevitably touch everything. Well, he has to point out to EVERYBODY we pass in the store, "Bafroom is over there!" which may seem helpful except he follows by telling them, "You go poo-poo and potty on the potty chair in the bafroom!" Even when we get out of sight of the bathrooms, he will still do this pointing in the direction of where he saw it. He will sometimes talk about it the whole time we are in the store (including if we are on a aisle with the same person for a long time- he will tell them over and over and over) until mommy suggests a different topic he can discuss with them. If we have not seen the bathroom yet, he will ask me "Where's the bafroom?" repeatedly until we see it, then he will tell everyone where it is and what to do in it, LOL! It's hilarious and a little embarrassing! He has been doing this since he was 15 months (when we started introducing the potty chair at home) and for some reason he still loves to do this everyplace we go!

The other night he asked to "see mommy's penis?" (you can tell we are potty training, lol). When I explained mommy doesn't have one, he got a look of horror and confusion on his face. He was very freaked out (as if, that's impossible, and how do you go potty?) So then I had to explain to my 2 year old about the difference between boys and girls, lol. I'm sure the next thing I know he will be telling people that "mommy doesn't have a penis"

Another bathroom story, lol (this is the older story)
When he was first learning (about 15 months), he thought everything about the bathroom had to do with "poo-poo" (he didn't know "potty" yet). Well, we were at one of my scrapbook groups (at the store) and mommy had to go to the bathroom. So I asked Maletch if he wanted to stay with my friends or come with me (which I preferred him wait with them- so he wouldn't touch anything in there). Turns out he wanted to come with me- just to see where I was going- and then run back to them. Well he went back and told them "Mommy poo-poo bafroom" I came out and heard him talking about "poo-poo" so I asked him if he went poo-poo and if he needed a diaper. Everyone started laughing and said "No, he's talking about you- he said you went poo-poo!"

I was busy polishing his piano and drum set, and I heard the kitchen sink turn on (nothing unusual), he climbs up on the arm of the couch reaches through the kitchen window and turns on the faucet.... So mommy said the usual, "Maletch get down" . During that few minutes I heard him turn it off, when told- then back on a minute later- etc. Well, I finished and turned around just in time for him to tell me so proudly, "Mommy, I washed the trains with soap and water!" Mommy: "Oh no, you did what??" As he told me again, he proudly showed me how he helped me clean his toys. His trains were all lined up- all wet! These were his expensive wooden Thomas trains with electric parts--- 60 bucks of trains stopped working. I felt sorry for him because he thought he did such a good thing!

He is used to daddy giving hair cuts, but daddy was at work, and he was over-due and we were going to Disneyland soon.... so I decided I would do it. I started with the scissors- which apparently are NOT what daddy uses, he uses clippers- and Maletch "knows" how this is supposed to work, because when I started cutting he said, "Stop it mommy!" He was squirming and resisted the scissors (so I thought he must be 'difficult' during haircuts), but when I got out the clippers (only to make it go faster), he smiled and said, "Right!" and then he sat completely still for the haircut.

We were in Toys R Us
Maletch: "Baby is crying!"
Mommy: "Yes, you're right the baby is crying."
Maletch: "Stop fussing baby!"
He received so much attention for this from the ladies in the store that thought it was hilarious. I think they were annoyed by the crying and they said things like, "Yeah, that's right, you tell him to stop fussing!"

Getting ready to leave the house I knew I was forgetting something. Maletch said, "Get the keys!" He was right, they were hanging on the key rack- which is where he was pointing.
Another time he was waiting on me to get our stuff packed to leave, he told me, "Get mommy's purse."

One night he asked me to get the keys down from the rack, when I handed them to him, he said, "Bye bye mommy!" and headed for the front door. I asked, "Where are you going?" He said, "To work!"

In the middle of a meal, he always asks, "Wash my hands?" in between courses- example, he won't want to touch his peaches when he has taco sauce on his hands. (I guess he doesn't like to mix flavors). He will also tell me throughout the meal when he makes a mess, "Oh no, tacos make a mess!" He will wipe down the table, his sippy cup, and any toys on the table with the washcloth if I set it down- while saying "I clean the mess!"

Maletch was excited because we were all getting ready to go 'bye bye in the car.' While I grabbed a few last minute things, daddy walked out the door to put some things in the car. Maletch went tearing after John, and yelled "DADDY!" he chased him out the door, when daddy turned around Maletch said, "Wait for mommy!"

We were all at one of my doctor's appointments, (to see a new orthopedic surgeon) meaning he had to do a full exam on me since I was a new patient with him. While the doctor was bending my hands, wrist, and fingers in all kind of ways- Maletch seemed really nervous and finally exclaimed, "Oh no, hurting mommy! Mommy's hurt!" He sprang up and started to grab the doctors hand (like to stop him), when the doc turned to look at him, he got scared, but he didn't freeze up, he grabbed daddy's hand and pulled hard towards the doctor, and was going to make daddy stop him! After we explained that the doctor wasn't hurting mommy, he still didn't trust it completely. So, he "copied" the doctor and did everything to daddy that the doctor did to me- to make sure it didn't hurt. I'm not kidding- when the doctor bent my middle finger back, my wrist- he did it exactly to daddy's hand! What a sweetheart- he has mommy's back, LOL!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Pics from Maletch's B-day!

The slide show below is still too long, (like when you are 'sure' you have seen the whole thing and think it 'has' to be repeating- nope- there is still more, lol). There are so many pics and I need to shorten it- BUT- for now- this gives the grandparents a ton of choices. I'll go back and shorten it up, one of these days, so that it doesn't take forever to see them all!

Some B-Day Deets:
His 2nd B-day was so much fun! Funny this year he knew exactly what to do when he saw his presents and didn't need any help or encouragement from us-- except to get the toys out of the packages and I needed help with that too- haha! Why do they come on official "lock down"? He also didn't want to wait for the cake to be served- he was up on the table to help himself as soon as he saw it coming out of the fridge!
That train table:
That train table was the best money we have ever spent- we expected it to be of high quality but it even far surpassed our expectations on quality and features! Rare when that happens! It was funny to see him be 'so serious' the entire first day he played with it. While he was studying and exploring it, he never smiled (which is super rare)- I'm sure it was a lot to take in since there is so much to this set! He was at that table every waking second for the first few days- didn't even stop to play with anything else- and barely to eat! Since then, he plays with it for hours everyday- and can play for hours at a time. Although he's always played with all of his toys, he usually played with each one for about a minute to 5 minutes at the most- so to see him interested in anything for hours made us so happy!
We bought several Thomas and Friends wooden trains, and have added 2 extra Thomas Destinations (not in the photos) to the track setup and we will add to it a little more each year. When he has outgrown this collection- it will make a nice heirloom for his future kids and grandkids!
He also loves EVERYTHING that he got from Disney's "Cars." His new car collection and that train table occupy almost all of his play time- although he always makes time to play in "his band!"

Happy Birthday Maletch!!