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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Pics from Maletch's B-day!

The slide show below is still too long, (like when you are 'sure' you have seen the whole thing and think it 'has' to be repeating- nope- there is still more, lol). There are so many pics and I need to shorten it- BUT- for now- this gives the grandparents a ton of choices. I'll go back and shorten it up, one of these days, so that it doesn't take forever to see them all!

Some B-Day Deets:
His 2nd B-day was so much fun! Funny this year he knew exactly what to do when he saw his presents and didn't need any help or encouragement from us-- except to get the toys out of the packages and I needed help with that too- haha! Why do they come on official "lock down"? He also didn't want to wait for the cake to be served- he was up on the table to help himself as soon as he saw it coming out of the fridge!
That train table:
That train table was the best money we have ever spent- we expected it to be of high quality but it even far surpassed our expectations on quality and features! Rare when that happens! It was funny to see him be 'so serious' the entire first day he played with it. While he was studying and exploring it, he never smiled (which is super rare)- I'm sure it was a lot to take in since there is so much to this set! He was at that table every waking second for the first few days- didn't even stop to play with anything else- and barely to eat! Since then, he plays with it for hours everyday- and can play for hours at a time. Although he's always played with all of his toys, he usually played with each one for about a minute to 5 minutes at the most- so to see him interested in anything for hours made us so happy!
We bought several Thomas and Friends wooden trains, and have added 2 extra Thomas Destinations (not in the photos) to the track setup and we will add to it a little more each year. When he has outgrown this collection- it will make a nice heirloom for his future kids and grandkids!
He also loves EVERYTHING that he got from Disney's "Cars." His new car collection and that train table occupy almost all of his play time- although he always makes time to play in "his band!"

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