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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maletch's First Trip to the Beach!!

I am late in posting the next slideshow which is from September (Maletch 18 months).
I had several doctors appointments down in Los Angeles, so each time we went- we made a fun day out of it.
One day we walked around the Redondo Beach Pier, ate at Tony's restaurant (with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean), then went to the beach that very warm night. Maletch had fun playing in the sand and water.
It was our first time taking him to the beach, and it was so hard not to laugh watching him try to walk on sand for the very first time! We planned on letting Maletch get his feet wet, but he wanted to go for a swim! He kept luring us out further and further- until we all became soaked- Maletch from head to toe, and John and I- up to our shoulders!
That day was special because Redondo Beach is where I grew up so it was fun to share some of my favorite places with John and Maletch. We will be going back to Redondo Bch this summer so I can take them to one of my all time favorite places (as a kid) "The Seaside Lagoon"!!
Another day while in L.A.: we went to one of my favorite little places to eat, Jerry's Famous Deli. John and I were brave and tried some exotic Mediterranean food for the first time- it was yummy!
So here are some pics from those two days...

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