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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aww Geez... Dilemmas!

Yay, A few packages arrived today, and one of them is the Cardboard Cutout (stand up style) of Woody and Buzz!! I thought it would be a cute party decoration and also a cool photo prop to have the kids stand next to!

Silly me, I opened it up to check it out right away, but now I can't get it folded back up, haha... so NOW the trick is going to be keeping Buzz & Woody safe until his birthday! I worry my little monsters will trash it before the big day!! I'm trying to figure out where to put it for safe keeping- problem is- it is HUGE measuring 45 in. x 60 in.
Plus this dang thing is in my way... Buzz & Woody are all up in my business! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Maletch on the Turntables, er, I mean... Train Table!!

Maletch has not wanted to take off his "Twist sweatshirt" since the concert! I have to pry it off of him at bedtime. He says, "But I still want to be Twist" I have to tell him, "Twist doesn't wear his clothes to bed." hehe...  I think I need to get some "Twist pajamas!" :)
Maletch likes to "DJ scratch" like Twist on the Train Table, hehe! I am so excited to surprise him for his birthday with a real DJ mixer so he can really scratch like Twist!! I know he is going to LOVE it!
 I found these TWO that looked cool, so I decided to order both so we could 'test' them and see which one he likes better! They both allow you to 'scratch' and mix your own MP3's- it is going to be so COOL (and fun)!! I think daddy is going to love it as much as Maletch- he used to DJ (as a hobby) - back in the day! :)
As you know, we already have the other instruments for the band: Marina plays drums (drum set, check), Kiki plays guitar (guitar, check), and Shout plays the keyboard (piano, check), so now Twist will finally have his own proper instrument- for when the whole family is jammin!! I will be posting videos later this week of that (of course we will put on our costumes just for the occasion :)
Also, be watching for videos from our Disney on Ice show- we will be performing this weekend! I can't wait!! See previous post ("Fun Plans for Maletch's Birthday") for details!!

Below is a short video of Maletch dancing to 'Loco Legs.' The dance moves (the wobbly legs and the lean & spin) are part of the choreography the Fresh Beats do to this song :)... but my favorite part is when I caught him "scratching" on the 'turntables' er, I mean Train Table for you!! Even though he does it all the time, I have never caught it on tape!!

Reminder: Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog before you play the video, or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the top left corner of the player. The same button will resume the music if you wish :)

Maletch and Sariah Dancing & "Scratching" to The Fresh Beat Band Loco Legs VIDEO!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fresh Beat Band ROCKS!!

OMGOSH! We probably had the BEST night ever! My face hurts from smiling and laughing all night!
First of all, we were lucky enough to score just about the best seats you could get- we were front row (Row A) right behind the pit which is like a hole in the ground where 3 rows of people sat- and their necks had to be hurting from looking up (they were below the band)- we were SMACK in front of them... which allowed Maletch to catch the attention of GUESS WHO?? Yep... Twist!! Woot Woot!

During the concert, Twist made several trips over to Maletch giving him high fives, talking to him, and dancing with him. He liked his shirt- we had an exact replica of Twist's shirt made for Maletch (since they are not sold). Maletch even went on stage a few times, hehe!  It was so friggin cute!!
Note: For those of you observant peeps: based on the pics I posted, you might say, "Their sweatshirts don't look alike?"... Answer: the characters have a few 'versions' of their costumes, but they have a 'main' one they almost always wear, and the one we had custom ordered for Maletch is the one Twist wears in every episode and he also wore for the first half of the concert :)
This is the one he always wears!
I was really impressed when this arrived! (the color is the same too, although it looks different in the pics)

After the concert which was a great show BTW, loved every second of it, we got to go to the backstage party! But just before we left our seats, I noticed a small crowd gathering around us. People were lined up on both sides of us, blocking us in our seats, and just when I leaned over to ask John, "What is going on, what are these people doing?" I started hearing questions... it was a line of dads asking me where I got the Twist sweatshirt, "I've looked everywhere..." and moms asking if their daughters (dressed like Kiki) could take their pics with Maletch, "I have to get a pic of Kiki and Twist..." The funny thing was before I could ask Maletch, "Do you want to take a picture with these girls?".. he already had his arms around them and was smiling all big, hehe! He posed for a few pics (flirted with the girls) and we headed for the party where the whole band took notice of my whole family. The 4 of us were dressed like all 4 of them- and they made the HUGEST deal over it!
Kiki was so sweet, she gave me a huge hug and practically asked us to join her show, lol! She was asking if John and I were performers, for some reason she thought we were, LOL!

Even though traveling with a toddler and infant is usually challenging for us, this trip went a lot smoother I think because we stayed in a hotel (rather than someone's house). Luckily we were able to get a suite at the Marriott where we had lots of space and plenty of amenities which made us more comfortable. Being served a hot breakfast (rather than Continental) was a nice touch too! It was funny, Maletch was so excited when I told him we were going to sleep at a hotel for 2 nights, BUT, when I later casually used the term "we'll stay at the hotel," he freaked about the 'staying' part and said, "Mommy I don't want to stay there, I want to go home." It took a little explaining, but then he was excited again, hehe! We did bring our swimsuits for the heated INDOOR pool (which would have been perfect in this Feb weather) BUT we just couldn't find the time to go. We were a little disppointed by that (especially Maletch who was really looking forward to it). Thankfully, we had such a great time with the Fresh Beat Band that it was easily dismissed!

Still adding to this post (I have a LOT of pics to go through and a TON of videos too)- I'll eventually get this finished, hehe!

But below is a Sneak Peek Slideshow....
A few details about the few pics I posted:
The pics of Maletch and Twist were during the live concert. There is also a funny pic of Shout holding Sariah and she was crying because she got upset when she realized 'Hey, you aren't my daddy.' They were wearing the same clothes so I think she felt 'tricked', haha! She didn't mind when Marina was holding her :)
I have literally 150 GREAT pics and TONS of great videos, so I will post more this weekend.

Fresh Beat Concert and Party Slideshow!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Fun Plans for Maletch's Birthday..."

Can you believe that Maletch will be turning 4?? My gosh, my little man is getting so big!
His upcoming birthday has been all-the-talk around our house! When I asked him what he wants to do 'special' for his big day....
His answer: "I want to go ice-skating, you know with Woody and Buzz and everybody."
I said: "Hmmm?.. well, we can go ice-skating, but Woody and Buzz can't go with us, because they already did their show, so they won't be there."
Maletch: "That's Ok, because I can be Woody, I can wear a Woody costume, you can wear a Bo Peep costume, daddy can wear a Buzz costume, and Sariah can be Jessie. We can all wear Toy Story costumes when we go ice-skating, and WE can do the Toy Story on Ice show!"

I just thought that was the coolest idea ever!! I wondered what daddy would say about dressing up in a Buzz Lightyear costume and going in public when it is not Halloween and we don't even know how to ice-skate?? And to my surprise, John said, "Cool!" Wasssuup!
Maletch is such a ROCKSTAR for thinking of something so different and so fun! I can't wait!!
I already ordered the costumes- they are on the way, and we are having a special 'Jessie' dress made for Sariah by a cute little boutique!
He has also added that he wants a lot of people to join us. I told him, I was unsure who would be able to make it, but these are the people he named specifically (and immediately): Grandma & Grandpa, Grandma & Pops, 'G', and cousin Miguel.
I know ALL of you live so far away, but if you can make it- he really WANTS you to come!! He might want you to put on a costume too and give you a role in our show, lol! It will definitely be a GREAT time and we will finish the night off with a Toy Story themed party, cake, and LOTS of presents!

Between learning how to ice-skate in costumes and performing Disney's Toy Story on Ice show (in front of who knows who) hehe-- I'm sure I will get some great photos and videos that night! I can just picture it now!! I remember when I couldn't wait to see THE Buzz Lightyear in skates- but I really can't wait to see MY Buzz Lightyear in ice skates- ya know that's gonna be good!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Ready for the BIG Party....

The Fresh Beat Band just released their first CD and just in time for us to learn and practice all their songs!! We were surprised when we pressed 'play,' that Maletch already knew all of the 19 songs (almost word for word). He can't wait to sing and dance with the band at the private backstage party (see previous post for details) coming up Feb 17th! We had a 'dance party' tonight (just the 4 of us, hehe) to practice our singing and dance moves- we want to make sure we know what we're doing at the party, hehe!

The sing-along CD player he is using is super fun- Karaoke style! It allows 2 singers at once, so the second microphone will be perfect for Sariah (when she gets a little older), but for now mommy and daddy have fun singing with him!

Below are 2 videos:
First up: Maletch singing 'I Can Do Anything.'  About half way through the song (when he realizes we are taping)- he really gets into it! I love the "do it, do it, do it" part- he cracks me up!

The second video: You will see that Sariah wants to get into the act, but since she is rough with it, he has to keep it away from her, hehe.
Sariah does usually get into the act though, she likes to dance and also plays the piano, drums, and guitar. She is just not quite ready for singing, hehe! I will post videos later of the whole family jammin.

I think he's ready to rock, do you??

Note: Don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog before you play the videos or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the upper left corner of the player, the same button will resume the music if you wish.

Maletch Singing Along to The Fresh Beat Band VIDEO!

Sariah Trying to Get into the Act VIDEO!