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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Fun Plans for Maletch's Birthday..."

Can you believe that Maletch will be turning 4?? My gosh, my little man is getting so big!
His upcoming birthday has been all-the-talk around our house! When I asked him what he wants to do 'special' for his big day....
His answer: "I want to go ice-skating, you know with Woody and Buzz and everybody."
I said: "Hmmm?.. well, we can go ice-skating, but Woody and Buzz can't go with us, because they already did their show, so they won't be there."
Maletch: "That's Ok, because I can be Woody, I can wear a Woody costume, you can wear a Bo Peep costume, daddy can wear a Buzz costume, and Sariah can be Jessie. We can all wear Toy Story costumes when we go ice-skating, and WE can do the Toy Story on Ice show!"

I just thought that was the coolest idea ever!! I wondered what daddy would say about dressing up in a Buzz Lightyear costume and going in public when it is not Halloween and we don't even know how to ice-skate?? And to my surprise, John said, "Cool!" Wasssuup!
Maletch is such a ROCKSTAR for thinking of something so different and so fun! I can't wait!!
I already ordered the costumes- they are on the way, and we are having a special 'Jessie' dress made for Sariah by a cute little boutique!
He has also added that he wants a lot of people to join us. I told him, I was unsure who would be able to make it, but these are the people he named specifically (and immediately): Grandma & Grandpa, Grandma & Pops, 'G', and cousin Miguel.
I know ALL of you live so far away, but if you can make it- he really WANTS you to come!! He might want you to put on a costume too and give you a role in our show, lol! It will definitely be a GREAT time and we will finish the night off with a Toy Story themed party, cake, and LOTS of presents!

Between learning how to ice-skate in costumes and performing Disney's Toy Story on Ice show (in front of who knows who) hehe-- I'm sure I will get some great photos and videos that night! I can just picture it now!! I remember when I couldn't wait to see THE Buzz Lightyear in skates- but I really can't wait to see MY Buzz Lightyear in ice skates- ya know that's gonna be good!

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