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Monday, February 27, 2012

Maletch on the Turntables, er, I mean... Train Table!!

Maletch has not wanted to take off his "Twist sweatshirt" since the concert! I have to pry it off of him at bedtime. He says, "But I still want to be Twist" I have to tell him, "Twist doesn't wear his clothes to bed." hehe...  I think I need to get some "Twist pajamas!" :)
Maletch likes to "DJ scratch" like Twist on the Train Table, hehe! I am so excited to surprise him for his birthday with a real DJ mixer so he can really scratch like Twist!! I know he is going to LOVE it!
 I found these TWO that looked cool, so I decided to order both so we could 'test' them and see which one he likes better! They both allow you to 'scratch' and mix your own MP3's- it is going to be so COOL (and fun)!! I think daddy is going to love it as much as Maletch- he used to DJ (as a hobby) - back in the day! :)
As you know, we already have the other instruments for the band: Marina plays drums (drum set, check), Kiki plays guitar (guitar, check), and Shout plays the keyboard (piano, check), so now Twist will finally have his own proper instrument- for when the whole family is jammin!! I will be posting videos later this week of that (of course we will put on our costumes just for the occasion :)
Also, be watching for videos from our Disney on Ice show- we will be performing this weekend! I can't wait!! See previous post ("Fun Plans for Maletch's Birthday") for details!!

Below is a short video of Maletch dancing to 'Loco Legs.' The dance moves (the wobbly legs and the lean & spin) are part of the choreography the Fresh Beats do to this song :)... but my favorite part is when I caught him "scratching" on the 'turntables' er, I mean Train Table for you!! Even though he does it all the time, I have never caught it on tape!!

Reminder: Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog before you play the video, or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the top left corner of the player. The same button will resume the music if you wish :)

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