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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Ready for the BIG Party....

The Fresh Beat Band just released their first CD and just in time for us to learn and practice all their songs!! We were surprised when we pressed 'play,' that Maletch already knew all of the 19 songs (almost word for word). He can't wait to sing and dance with the band at the private backstage party (see previous post for details) coming up Feb 17th! We had a 'dance party' tonight (just the 4 of us, hehe) to practice our singing and dance moves- we want to make sure we know what we're doing at the party, hehe!

The sing-along CD player he is using is super fun- Karaoke style! It allows 2 singers at once, so the second microphone will be perfect for Sariah (when she gets a little older), but for now mommy and daddy have fun singing with him!

Below are 2 videos:
First up: Maletch singing 'I Can Do Anything.'  About half way through the song (when he realizes we are taping)- he really gets into it! I love the "do it, do it, do it" part- he cracks me up!

The second video: You will see that Sariah wants to get into the act, but since she is rough with it, he has to keep it away from her, hehe.
Sariah does usually get into the act though, she likes to dance and also plays the piano, drums, and guitar. She is just not quite ready for singing, hehe! I will post videos later of the whole family jammin.

I think he's ready to rock, do you??

Note: Don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog before you play the videos or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the upper left corner of the player, the same button will resume the music if you wish.

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