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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Funny Things Maletch Says:

Can you believe that Maletch just turned 5?? I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up! Well he is not a baby anymore but I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday! Sheesh these 5 years went so fast! There is another part of me (the biggest part) that feels like he is so much older than 5 because of just how mature and smart he is.

I will be posting photos and deets of his birthday, but I thought I would share a few funny conversations from this week...

Maletch: "Mommy, I'm kind of sweaty, I think maybe I need some medicine."
Me: "You think you might have a fever?"
Maletch: "Yeah, I think I do."
Me: "Let me see... well you are just a little warm, but I think that's from playing, just relax a minute and I'll check you again."
Maletch: "I think I might need some medicine, what do you think?"
Me: "I think you want medicine but I don't think you are sick."
Maletch: "Well, maybe I am sick, will you check on me in a minute?"
Me: "You know that it is not good for you to take medicine when you are not sick."
Maletch: "Yeah, but it is my favorite food."

Palm Tree:
For Maletch's birthday, we had a "Pirates of the Caribbean" themed party. We bought two inflatable palm trees for decorations- which of course are fragile (can be popped). I came down stairs to see Maletch wrestling with one of the trees and just going nuts with it.
Me: "What are you doing?!?! You are going to pop it!"
Maletch:  "Well, I was hoping that if I shook it hard enough that coconuts would fall off."
I was trying so hard not to laugh, but that was hilarious!
He recently discovered that he loves coconuts from the new 'Coconut Oreos.' Trying to get coconuts off an inflatable palm tree- awesome!! In his defense- each palm tree does have 3 inflatable coconuts on them. :)

What happened?:
Yesterday, while Maletch was in his room (supposed to be taking a nap), I heard a loud noise and then crying. I ran in his room to see if he was alright.
Me: "Are you okay?"
Maletch: "Yeah, I'm okay"
I was still standing there trying to figure out what had happened.
Maletch: "Mommy, do you know why I am crying?"
Me: "Why?"
Maletch: "Because I am tired, that is why I am fussy. I better take my nap now."

John and I recently had a discussion about whether we should continue to have Maletch take an afternoon nap or whether he was old enough to not need them anymore.. It was an interesting discussion since we both remember as kids we (John and I) didn't take naps at this age, etc.. Well after some thought I felt that Maletch still benefited from them and that we should continue for one more year so we made a new rule that "When kids in this house turn 6 they don't need to take naps anymore." We  told Maletch about this and he got so excited.
Today at nap time Maletch said, "Mommy, when I turn 6, I don't have to sleep anymore."

I'm growing:
Maletch: "Daddy needs to measure me again because I am growing, I am getting really big."
Me: "Yes you are, we can meausre you if you want."
Maletch: "I am almost getting big like a grown up, You know what? I am like a grown up! I can wash clothes, drink coffee, and take a shower- just like a grown up!"
There are just so many things funny about that sentence-  I tried so hard not to laugh but I couldn't help it!
First, I thought it was so cute the things that he correlates to being grown up- and ALSO why he thinks he can do those things... he does have reasons for thinking that... but how if anyone heard that, they might think we allow our 5 yr old to drink coffee, do laundry, and take showers- haha!!  Just so funny!
In case you are curious: We get him Vanilla Bean shakes from Starbucks (which has no caffeine or coffee) but Maletch always used to call it his "coffee" (so we did too).

Watch our hands:
We were in Party City and I asked Maletch to help me pick out decorations for his party. He found these little Pirate bubbles and asked if we should get them. I said no since we have better bubble toys at home. He quickly agreed. We finished our shopping and as we were hopping in the car, he freaked out and yelled "Oh no mommy look!" (while showing me that he had the bubbles in his hand). I freaked out too. I definitely over-reacted because I responded, "Oh no, you stole that?" He turned even more flush and pale, and yelled, "We have to take this back inside!"
Although I know this is a common accident with little kids- neither of them has ever done that before.- well never got all the way out with something- because I always spotted it. He had other things in his hands (2 small toys we brought from home) so it was a total freak accident for all of us.
OK now for the funny part- so we go to the second party store since the first store didn't have everything...
as we were walking in the door Maletch says so LOUD, "Ok mommy, we can't steal anything, we have to be very careful!"
Everyone heard this, people were looking at me all crazy, and I almost died! Wait there's more- he went ON... "It would be bad if a bad guy was in here and stole something.... We have to pay for everything..." and on and on the whole time we were in the store. I had no idea what to say to stop him, and he had no idea that he was making everyone think that I was a thief! The things I said weren't working. Then to top it off as we were leaving, I had to load some big/awkward things under the cart and he asked, "Mommy did you pay for those things?"
OK, in my head I was screaming, "aaaaghhhh!"
We had a nice talk on the way home about being careful not to take things on accident-- AND that since we know that mommy doesn't steal and Maletch doesn't steal we don't need to not talk about it anymore either- hehe!

I will carve out time to get some b-day pics posted in the next few days, so definitely pop back over to check that out!