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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I threw together a slideshow below that I will work on more later today.
You can check out "The Pollard Squadron" for now....
Do we look tough???
Yep, nobody wants to mess with us!!! :)
We had a nice Halloween with the kids although we didn't make it to the Festival on Sunday as planned because I was so exhausted (apparently). I didn't mean to, but I fell asleep Sunday afternoon and slept until about 1:30am on Monday- I guess our crazy schedule finally caught up to me. Anyway, John came home from work early Monday, so we could take the kids to the Festival Halloween night, but we got there just in time for them to close, so we stayed a short time and then headed for the Elephant bar.
John's dad (Pops) is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force so when John's mom saw some Air Force costumes at the Bx she couldn't resist getting them for the kids. Apparently they found the one for Maletch first, and when Pops spotted the baby girl 'Air Force Princess' costume/dress he completely flipped, hehe! They are adorable! They were able to give me plenty of time to find John and I some Air Force costumes too. I decided on flight suits for us, since the kids had fatigues, so that we would not all be twins, and also so that we would look a little more like Air Force than Army. They also sent some "Pollard" name tag/patches and official Air Force Patches and pins that we attached to all of our costumes, as well as official AF hats for John and I which really made our costumes complete!
My costume is shorter than I would have liked, but it was the only flight suit I could find in my size. I don't know why so many Halloween costumes are that way? My costume aside, I thought we looked tough, hehe! Even little Sariah, our newest recruit in our squadron was ready for trouble! And our leader sure looked HOTT in his uniform! :)

We received lots of comments, although.... if I hear "Look at the Army family" one more time, lol! I don't know how many times I said, "We are AIR FORCE", LOL!

One of the highlights of the night was when Maletch asked me to dance with him. Although I dance with him a lot- the way he asked me seemed like a boy asking a girl at a dance- it was so cute! Of course Maletch danced in his true "Dancing with the Stars" fashion, and wouldn't let me do otherwise either. And while we were dancing in the Elephant bar (where nobody else was dancing) not only were we not caring what anybody thought, or who was looking, there was something about that moment I can't explain that I just knew that I would remember it forever. Thank you for the dance Maletch!!

Sariah 5 1/2 months
Maletch 3 1/2 years

I just realized that I did post pics of Sariah trying her first smoothie (which she LOVED) but I didn't post the pic of her facial expression when she first tasted it- it was HILARIOUS! She made the face like she didn't like it, apparently she had to get used to it first, hehe- she looked like it was the most disgusting thing ever- ok note to self- I will get that pic later today (it's on the other computer) AND also Maletch (my super picky eater) cracks me up, he never wants to try anything new- WELL he didn't even want to try a dessert that he LOVES (for some reason it looked different to him), and I also snapped a photo of the look on his face (the look he makes when he is looking at food he is unsure of) and that photo also made me laugh out loud, and I didn't post that one either. OK, so that is 2 pics I need to add....

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