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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sariah Likes Mishief Too!

We gave Maletch a digital camera on his 3rd birthday, and it is the most awesome little camera! It is loaded with everything a kid could want from games to even video recording capabilities! It does not perform like a DSLR, hehe, with it's low 2 mp resolution but he doesn't seem to mind the low picture quality (most 3 yr olds don't care much about that)- he just loves that he can take REAL pics. This camera even came with jacks to connect and view his photos and videos on our TV, or upload them to the computer. It also comes with in-camera photo editing as well as software for editing on CD-ROM! Pretty neat, huh? I love that he is becoming tech savvy so young, but what I love best is that it gives me a way to see the world through his eyes! Sometimes I am surprised by what he wants to take a picture of- and sometimes he gets really creative setting up his shots too, lol! It is funny when I scroll through his photos and see all of our mug shots, and perfectly displayed groupings of toys, to freeze frames of a TV show, to many shots of just his feet. I will be sure to upload and share some of Maletch's favorite photos (that he took) in another post. He is very proud of some of his shots!

I was goofing around with his camera tonight and I took a video of Maletch playing on the computer, at first, but I panned across and saw Sariah opening Addie's present, lol! Caught-cha little stinker! Sorry Addie, hehe, I will re-wrap it! The video isn't the greatest quality since this was taken from his camera- but you can still make it out- but no Addie, you can't see what you are getting, LOL!

*Note: Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog before playing the video or the sounds will be battling. The pause button is towards the upper left hand corner of the player.

P.S. If you are interested in getting one of these for a child 3-10 yrs old for Christmas, it is the VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera Plus (the "Plus" part makes a HUGE difference from other models) they retail for $80.00-90.00, but I just saw them on walmart.com right now for 60 bucks (with free site-to-store)- great deal! Walmart offers 2 colors: pink or blue. I did a TON of homework on these (like everything else I buy) and this kids camera is the best on the market by far!

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