We Are So Blessed!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Below is a Slideshow!!

Well, our lil ones are getting bigger everyday, and there is just so much I want to share! I wish I had more time to spend on updates, and I will make an effort to post more often now.

Sariah is just amazing! She is 4 months old now and already has 2 teeth and more on the way! She can also sit up by herself (without support) and she doesn't stay where you put her anymore (she scoots around) and she is on a mission! She prefers her brother's toys over her own and she LOVES to play with him! She is a very happy baby and likes to laugh and smile but she gets fussy after he goes to bed- because she misses him- apparently he is way more fun than mommy!!

Maletch is doing great! He is getting very good on the computer and enjoys watching videos and playing games on the internet. He still loves Thomas the train and is very excited about the "Day out with Thomas" that is coming up in November - he talks about it everyday. We went to it last year and I will be posting pics and more about that soon!

I have a million photos that I just uploaded from my camera- since I am tight on time- I just threw together about 20 pics (all from one day) into a slideshow below and I will add more to it throughout the week (when I have time to pick a variety from more folders).

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