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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a blast at our annual 4th of July place (University of Redlands or U of R)
Of course Maletch started dancing in the parking lot right when we got there since he could here the music, shouting excitedly, "Come on mommy, let's go, let's dance!"
As we walked, holding hands, he was walking faster and faster, to the point I was being pulled- he wanted to get inside and he couldn't wait!
The only drag about going to this place is the amount of people going that don't have tickets. That is totally fine (in reality, I think they don't know what they are missing inside, since there is an entire show)- they want to watch the fireworks show for free- and I don't care that they want to see fireworks (why would I care?)-- BUT--- the traffic to get there is so insane- the streets are filled with cars and nobody moves forever- and we learned most of the people backing up the streets don't have tickets and that makes the people that do have tickets have to sit in that mess- that is pretty annoying!
That was off the subject a little, I just remembered that we were late getting inside, and that was why-- but it didn't take away from our fun- I just wished we wouldn't have missed any of it due to traffic delays!
Back to the actual fun- I was so surprised that Sariah wasn't scared at all by the noise. I knew the fireworks would be loud, but I forgot that to get a good spot to see the show, it puts you close to the speakers and what I really forgot was HOW loud the speakers are-- holy moly! But she didn't care a bit! She was staring at everything and having a good time! We really expected her to sleep through a lot of the event, since she is only 7 weeks old and sleeps a lot normally-- but she didn't sleep a single wink and we were there a LONG time- we didn't get home until midnight and she didn't fall asleep until the car ride home!! What the heck?? She wasn't going to miss a thing! She also didn't fuss one single bit the whole time! She loved all of it!
Maletch has seen fireworks many times since we have year round tickets to Disneyland and we always watch their fireworks show- so it wasn't as big a deal to him. Funny and surprising to me: Although he enjoyed the fireworks part, he was unimpressed you could tell hehe- he loved the music and the rest of the show more, and his favorite part was running around with other kids he met there. I was surprised he knew what the track in the stadium was for, he kept asking other kids to race him, and he knew to 'get in a lane' (on the track) and even funnier, he got in the sprinter's starter stance (one knee down, both hands down) and everything! Don't ask me where he learned that, but it was fun to watch, and that boy is seriously fast! I knew he could run fast, but I have never seen him run as fast as he can apparently, until tonight- and I will be looking for a Track & Field team that allows 3 year olds because he has speed! He was the fastest kid out there, and he was beating kids MUCH bigger than him. This might be hard to believe- but even the biggest kid who was 11 yrs old couldn't catch him!
I have a TON of pics so I threw some together in a slideshow below-- BUT I just realized that I didn't put a photo in that made me laugh OUT-LOUD -- a pic of the first time Sariah saw the fireworks- her eyes got so HUGE! I am so glad we got a photo of her reaction- it was so funny! I've got to find that one and add it to the slideshow, plus a few others that we took at the house before we left!

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