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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maletch's Words and Translations!

It is so fun listening to Maletch talk. It is nice that we can communicate with him, and he understands so much now! He understands way more than he can speak. He has 50+ words he says regularly.

Here's a list of the ones I can think of along with his pronunciations:

baby "baybi"
balloon "bawoon"
banana "nana"
Bambi "bimbi"
Bert "ber" (Sesame Street character)
bottled water "bawa"
Bruno "nono"
Bob's Big Boy "bobibo"
bubbles "bubba"
cat "nono" (he thinks all cats are named 'Bruno')
cracker "cwacka"
daddy "dadde"
diaper "dipah"
Elmo "mo" or "momo"
Ernie "ern" or "nini"
flower "fower"
grilled cheese "ger cheese"
horse "hor"
juice "tuce"
Mickey Mouse "mou" or "mimo"
mommy "mamma"
monkey "mong"
over there "o'dere" (while pointing)
star "tar"
thank you "tank you"
water "wawa"
zebra "bra"

These words he can pronounce perfectly:
"bye bye"
"car" and he makes "engine noises" while he plays
"duck" and he makes the noise "wack-wack"
"oink oink" (when he sees a pig)
"Pooh" (winnie the)
"uh-oh" (when he drops something)
"wow" and "oh wow"

He puts some words together like:
"more tuce?" (when his cup is empty)
"more cwacka?"
"what's dat?"
"bye-bye car?" (when he wants to go bye bye in the car)

He just said his first complete sentence:
"I get da bawoon!"

Here are some of the "instructions" that he understands:
"Can mommy have a kiss" (he will lean and kiss me- and he melts my heart every time!)
"Come here"
"Hop on" (his big riding toys)
"This way"
"Go get your ____" (fill in the blank with specific toy or object names)
"Give that to mommy"
"Watch your step" (He will look down)
"Be careful" (he will pay more attention to what he is doing and/or slows down)
"That's hot" (He will blow on his food)
"Let's go change your diaper" (He runs and plays a hide-and-seek game, while laughing)
"Let's get your jammies on" (He will walk to his room for me)
"Wanna go nite-nite?" (We are lucky, he actually likes to go to bed- weird huh?? I keep thinking that has to change, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts!)
"Are you hungry, are you ready to eat?" (he will pull his high-chair out and hop in)
"Throw the ball"

I have seen lots of mommies make a blog list like this, with 'words they say up to 18 months' as a treat for the Grandparents. Plus, the next time you see him, you'll be able to understand him- LOL! He sure has came a long way from his first word (which was "tuce") at about 10 months of age. I don't count the words he said 'earlier on' when they were used "at random" or "indiscriminately".

It's funny that Maletch's first words were so completely different from the typical first words like: 'mamma', 'dadda', 'baba'... his first 3 were: "tuce," "uh-oh," and "cwacka." I guess he always 'wants to be different,' like his mommy, HaHa! I even remember his doctor's reaction, "He says juice??" then there was a long pause, and then, "Really??"

Maletch really learned the 'power' of words with "tuce," cuz he would say it- and mommy would run and get him some juice-and he LOVED that! So ever since, he decided "I'm gonna learn ALL the words" LOL, and look how many he has since 10 months old!
I can't wait until he really gets talking and we can have a conversation.

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