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Friday, August 7, 2009

First Day: Our House SWIMMING!

Oh we had a blast watching the kidos swim and the kids had so much fun! I don't think Maletch stopped smiling the entire time! I was sad that John missed it because by the time it cooled down enough to go swimming, he had to leave for work. But at least my mom took lots of pics for us!
This was my second time taking Maletch to the pool, and he surprised me AGAIN! This time I tried to hold him up with just- 'one hand under his stomach' and he started swimming- he had like a 'swimmer's stroke' and a pretty good kick- it came to him naturally! My mom suggested that I sign him up for swimming lessons since he is ready. I think that is a neat idea, and I will look into local classes for him. He also started getting brave in his 'inner tube' and cruising around without me holding him. I was nervous since he didn't fit it- he could slip right through it- but he got the hang of 'holding on' real quick. He positioned himself to 'lean forward' and he got himself going!
Jae and Britt started a 'toss game' with Addie and it looked like so much fun, so we did it with Maletch too- they both LOVED that!
They brought a wagon with them, and it was fun to pull the kids around in. Then Maletch decided to push and pull it around and he gave his lil cousin rides in it- that was cute to watch... that is... until he came close to pushing her and the wagon INTO the pool! Uncle Jae had to "run interception" on that one!
Oh and that 'toy dirt bike' that you will see in his hands was a gift from them. It makes real dirtbike sounds when you press the shocks or push it along- too cute!! And Maletch just LOVES that thing- he still hasn't put it down!
Below is a slideshow of the first day, with lots of pool pics and hangin out fun! To see The Fair and Family Reunion pics keep scrolling!

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