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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2: The Orange County Fair!!

We started off at my mom's house for a bit, where Maletch got to see Uncle Jae's dirtbike! I wanted Jae to take him for a ride on it, but Maletch wasn't too sure about it- so maybe next time! Funny while I was trying to pose for the pic with Maletch on the bike, we almost crashed!! Haha! I couldn't touch the ground, so we had it next to the curb, and I was only touching on the one side, I lost my balance and we almost tipped over- Jae had to come over and help while I was wobbling- it was HILARIOUS and I felt retarded! It's been a long time since I've been on a dirt bike, and my riding days are LONG over!

We later headed to the O.C. Fair. We had such a blast and YEP we even took the kids on some rides!! That took a little 'manipulation' since there was a height requirement of 36" for every ride, and our 1 year olds are not as tall as 3 year olds... so send in the '2 blondies' to smile and ask them to please 'make an exception.' Worked like a charm!
Since it was Thurs night, of course John had to work, which really felt weird to have him missing out on such a fun time and Maletch's first Fair, but he would rather us go without him than us not go at all- he is so sweet! And again- at least we got lots of pics. We will be taking Maletch to Disneyland and the Zoo soon, and I can't wait for that!

Our Group:
Let's see there were 9 of us total (6 adults and 3 kids). It was: Jae, Britt, Addie, Reed, Shannon, Audrey, Maletch, my mom, and me- so we were quite a lil bunch! Maletch got to 'ride' on Reed's shoulders for a while and he walked holding my hand for the most part. He never asked to be carried a single time- which was so nice especially considering how long we were there and how far we walked! We got carried away and stayed until they closed which was midnight! We popped him in the wagon a few times for a little bit just when we wanted to walk a little faster. He had many distractions while we were walking which would pull him 'off course' and slow us down (I would have to chase him)... like anytime he spotted bubbles, balloons, stollers, and scooters... he loves to CHASE old people on their scooters! Don't ask me why he does it, but it's funny! LOL!

The Rides and Stuff:
We took Maletch and Addie on the Carousel (Merry Go Round), an Airplane ride, and a very fast Roller Coaster. Jason also took Addie down a huge "super slide." The kids really enjoyed the rides, but I think they enjoyed looking at all of the lights, people, and animals just as much!
I think the Airplane ride was Maletch's favorite (it was like the "Dumbo ride," going around and up & down). Jae wanted to take Addie on it, but he couldn't fit inside properly, so the ride attendant "kicked him off'" LOL- so my mom was happy to take her on it! Lil Audrey is only 6 months so she wasn't quite ready for the rides, she was busy eating, sleeping and looking around though.
I regretted the Roller Coaster since it was faster and jerkier than I expected- it was weird and dangerous because it only had a 'lap bar,' NO seat belt, so we were both clutching our kids so they wouldn't slide out, and it made my neck sore. Oh well at least he enjoyed it, well, until the kids in front of us started screaming like we were gonna die- that seemed to make him nervous, LOL!

They had 3 areas with animals, 2 were petting zoos, which is what we were looking for, but we ended up in the one that you couldn't go inside the enclosures. A silly goat squeezed his head with horns through the slats in the fence, to take a peek at Addie and Maletch who were standing right there. I didn't get a good shot of the kids with the goat, since we were unsure if it would bite, we were pulling the kids back a little ways. It was so cute, Maletch thought the goat was a horse and he kept saying "hor" and Addie thought it was a dog!

The kids were so cute together, Maletch was so curious about Addie and he kept wanting to touch her and stare at her. Funny at this age, they are curious and want to inter-act or do SOMETHING, but they don't know exactly what to do... I got pictures (2 different times) of him reaching across the wagon and sticking his fingers in her mouth- I guess that is what he came up with!
Below is a slideshow of some pics from the Fair. I threw a few of my not-so-favorite shots in for now and will probably take them out later.

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