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Friday, October 3, 2008

A few fun pics from August

Just as we predicted, it was just a matter of days before Maletch was standing up in his bassinet and trying to climb out (he actually did- I literally "caught" him on his way out) So that was the end of that! He now uses it on the lowered "Playpen Level" only!

One night John and Maletch were in his room playing. I thought it seemed too quiet, so I went in to see what they were up to- and this is what I found...
They wore each other out! Look at them- both knocked out!

Maletch 5 Months Old

Everytime John walks by on the way to give Maletch a bath, I always smile when I see that cute little wrinkled bottom go by! Aww, so cute! I'm sure when he gets older he's going to just love that mom had to take a picture. HAHA!

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Addie's Mamma said...

Oh my gosh like father like son how sweet is that!! They look like best budsin there!!