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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maletch's First Time Swimming!!!

We took Maletch swimming for the 1st time today and he just LOVED it!! He was surprisingly over-eager to jump in without his floaties on OR us! His eyes lit up as soon as he saw the pool and everyone playing in it and he went running straight for it! John had a very hard time holding him still long enough to get his floaties on, cuz he was squirming to get to the pool! I walked him right into the water and he was giggling and in awe watching the bigger kids do cannonballs all around us!
I think he thought we were all in a "big bath tub" together! We all swam around and he splashed like crazy. I was surprised how many times his head went under, or he inhaled some water and he just kept on playing- it never bothered him, even through heavy coughing at times, he was still smiling and laughing! John and I were especially shocked when his head was completely submersed, John said, "He just dunked himself" and when we pulled him up, we were sure, he would be scared and cry a little... NOPE.. he laughed.. this boy has NO fear!
This is something that we will be doing more often, maybe even everyday for a little bit, since he loved it so much! I thought I might need daddy to help me coerce him to liking it and helping in general- but he didn't seem to need us at all! Haha! So I will probably take him while daddy is at work a lot!

He loved his "alligator" kick board a TON and he was trying to ride it like a SURF board (trying to STAND on it), which was way funny and cute, cuz he had a BLAST on it! I have a LOAD of pool toys and float things for him, and I think he will probably like a few others better than the arm floaties, so we will have fun trying them all out. (I have a vest, an inner tube, another kick board, and probably others ready for our next pool adventure).

When it was time to get out of the water, because it was too cold, he REFUSED! He kept running back and getting upset when we grabbed him, he was NOT ready to leave, but the poor baby was shivering in the water, so we needed to get him home!
On our way back home, we walked passed a balloon tied to a parking post, and Maletch pulled daddy (walking holding hands) over to it, saying "bawoon" then he tried to CLIMB the post to get it down. We were holding back laughter watching him try to get it.

Oh and yes, just like in the previous post, you should notice that our swimsuits even color coordinate- yep planned, haha! Yep, I'm a dork alright!!
Below is a slideshow with tons of pics. **Sorry this Slideshow is 'down' for a little while. There is an error in the software that I need to correct. I will have it working soon!

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