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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Fun Craft Project:

These little ghosts were easy and really fun to make! Sariah is a little too young for projects like this, so Maletch and I enjoyed this project with even a little help from daddy- we asked him to blow up the balloons- hey that counts! Maletch really liked using the die cut machine, and of course he loved getting his hands all messy with the starch, hehe!

These guys go really well with our other Halloween decorations. We all really like how they turned out, I like how they are a little transparent. Maletch kept saying, "These are so cool!" We will definitely be making more of these! 

Trick or Treating:
Well we got a late start heading out for the festivals- so we skipped trick-or-treating. Although that was a little disappointing, since it is fun for the kids- they love knocking on doors and talking to the neighbors... it wasn't that big a deal since they didn't miss out on the best part- the candy- LOL!
Unbeknown to them, when we do go trick or treating- I always sneak their goodie bag straight upstairs and dump out the candy they received and replace it with SAFE candy that mommy bought anyway, hehe.
Just before Halloween we buy a TON of candy and have it all ready for the switch. This world is getting too crazy and it is a shame that we just can't trust anyone anymore! I know a lot of parents don't take their kids trick or treating because of the worry- and it seems like fewer kids go every year! John and I want our kids to look forward to the same Halloween fun we had as kids, which is why we allow them to go, but just not actually eat that candy- haha! When you think about it, all that walking to collect candy that we throw away, seems silly, but it is just for fun for them- and that is why I haven't told Maletch the truth just yet!
But, since we already had all that candy for them, they got to knock on our own door and they got their buckets filled- LOL!

We all dressed in theme again, and this year we were the "Lucky Family"!
John was a 'High Roller' (Gambler), I was Lady Luck, Maletch was a Leprechaun, and Sariah was a Bunny (for the lucky feet- ya know?).
I asked John, "What should we call our theme? The Lucky family or Viva Las Vegas, or you are the gambler and we are your lucky charms?" He said, "We're all of that!" Well there you go, haha!
Sariah looked so cute walking around because her 'bunny tail' was like a big round pillow attached to her butt, hehe! That pillow tail was full and very heavy- so it kept pulling her skirt down- so cute!

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