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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Been So Long Since I've Psted!!

Well, there are a few reasons for my absence. We have been busier than ever with so much stuff... BUT the main reason is that the site I have used for making slideshows and sharing photos has been down for months.
I trusted the ongoing promises that they "would work the bugs out" of their new website changeover, however after several months of logging on and finding the site unstable, crashing, and missing features, I have now decided to search for another site.
I am frustrated (as are MANY people) since I don't know where to begin with moving my numerous photos to another site- in addition, I am not able to even edit the large slideshow at the top of the blog (which I usually keep fresh with new pics at the start) my only choices are to leave it - as is - or to remove it entirely.
I have spent numerous hours searching for a new site to use for photo sharing that offers a slideshow maker compatible with websites- and I am not impressed with ANY I have looked at.

So as I continue my search, I will try to fill you in on news with the kids and share with you the big project I am working on, etc... but it will just be with much fewer photos until I can get some decent slideshows going. It will have to be fewer photos since (at least for now) I will have to put photos in each post only. Using multiple photos will create a long scroll, opposed to being able to put 5-100 pics easily into a compact slideshow.

In case you are curious:
I do not email photos since my photos are GIGANTIC (often more than 10 MB each)- which is how I want them for best quality-- but to email them, I would have to compress and SAVE them to my computer - just to attach to an email- then delete-- way too much of a hassle! PLUS. when I make full size images available publicly to share, then anyone who wants any photo can download them and they get full size images- not compressed junk.

Every night this week, I will try to make new posts, so pop back over for new stuff...
BTW, if anyone knows of a good site, please let me know, thanks!

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