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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are Outta Here! Well almost!

Yep, we've officially been approved and just put the deposit down to hold the house... and we are moving in just over 2 weeks! I will be anxiously counting down the days till we get settled in the new HUGE place!! Yep, after 8 yrs of living in a place way too small, we are heading to almost 3,000 sq ft! WOOT!
In the new house, the kids will each have their own rooms, also going to have a separate playroom just for toys and large playsets with plenty of storage, and we'll have a separate living room for grown up furniture, a large room for my art studio, and even a separate classroom for homeschool (I can't wait to decorate the classroom).  It will be fun shopping for little school desks, and the teacher decorations, like the alphabet room border.
No double-duty rooms! YAY!!!! Really no more double-duty furniture either, like no more having to clear off the dining room table every time you want to sit down because it is full of paying bill stuff or homeschool stuff, or game pieces from a game we just played, etc... the dining room table will be for eating only!! Always clean and inviting. Wow this is going to allow us back that nice uncluttered, low-stress lifestyle that we have missed for years!
The master finally has ample closets (no more needing to compensate with freestanding ones) AND the new kitchen pantry is finally ample- so no more compensating with freestanding cabinets there either!
I am especially looking forward to - no more, "Honey, can you get..." lists. We have so many boxes stacked in the garage (stuff that just couldn't fit in the house) -like everyday household things- and since I can't lift the heavy boxes and bins to dig out what I need... everyday practically, I have to wait for John to come home to dig something out of the garage for me, then wait for him to be able to return it to the correct box a few days later... yeah, uggh! WELL, no more of THAT... now we will be able to use the garage for normal stuff... and everything I need will be finally in the HOUSE-- YIPEE!!
And the very best part, the kids will have a nice backyard to safely roam without having to worry about cars driving by.
The house is also in a community with an association too- so we will have full access to the pool, gym, and clubhouse too!! I think I hear an end of summer/ housewarming/ pool party coming on..... and you are all invited!
I better get packing...

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