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Friday, September 20, 2013

Dance Recital Preparations Already Underway!

Dance Recital Preparations Already Underway!
The kids both love their dance school so much, and they are especially excited to be in the show this Winter! The entire show will be in a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" theme.
Although, it was almost 3 months away (at the time), we (the parents) were given the deadline of Sept 1st to order their costumes (anyone that didn't have them ordered by then- wouldn't get to be in the show)! So I finished up ordering all of their costume pieces... OMGOSH their instructors picked out some cute costumes!!
Sariah will be in a Ballet number called "You'll Be in My Heart." She'll be wearing the cutest red Christmas ballerina dress that has subtle sparkles and even has marabou feather trim all over- so cute!
Maletch will be performing a breakdancing number (don't know the name yet). The girls in his class will be wearing the cutest little breaker-girl outfit ever (red shirts with silver stars and breakin' jeans) and Maletch and the boys will be wearing red hoodies, with black shorts and black/white Converse shoes-- yep, total b-boy look! Their breakin' crew will look "fresh" (as the breakers say)! hehe!

This is a HUGE dance company with a TON of students. The Summer Recital will involve ALL classes, but the upcoming Winter Recital only includes about 1/3 of the classes.

This Dance Company is very serious and strict- even for rehearsal and regular practice- each student must wear their appropriate dance attire, and appropriate shoes- or you'll not be allowed to participate. Ballet students must wear leotards and tights and ballet shoes- to enter the studio, and their hair MUST be in a tight bun, (and their bun better not fall or come loose), or they'll be asked to leave! I actually like this, because it is good practice for dance always- like, why be lenient in the early years, when you can teach the right habits now. All students in this school are getting excellent training from accredited instructors which will prepare them for later if they want to compete (and many do compete). If students are attending just for fun, then they still benefit by learning discipline, and respect and rules, and the excellent training allows them to master their fun hobby (which may become useful later if they want to fall back on it).
Extra Bonus: these students will have an accredited school to put on their dance/performance resume later if they want. My kids are having fun which is all that really matters to me, but I am really glad we found this school to be a part of!

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