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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Breakdancing Class Rehearsal!

Maletch has been going to Breakdancing/Hip Hop class for about 5 months and he loves it so much! Can you believe that their recital is less than a month away? We're super excited!

His teacher is so awesome- we absolutely LOVE her!
I love the way she teaches 4 different ways EVERY class (I didn't include video clips of it all):
1.) She starts off with having the kids line up at the side of the room, and individually she has them do a 'set of moves' alone in the middle of the room (so everyone can watch each other AND she can help give individual direction).
2.) Then, she gets in front and instructs the whole class.
3.) Then she goes to the back and has them practice without her in front.
4.) Then she has half the class (the front two rows) dance while the other half watch, then switches groups (back two rows).
Such a great method! (She is so much better than any of the dance instructors I've ever had!)

Below is a video (a few short clips) from rehearsal.

I will post some video clips from Sariah's classes soon.

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