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Monday, November 24, 2014

Our 2014 Halloween Display!!

The kids are super excited this year about our Halloween display! They're so funny, they act like they're in Disneyland in our front yard! They have been telling people about the "Big Cat" and "Banjo Skeletons," "Smoke Machine" and the "Witch Book" and I can tell for people that haven't been over to see it- they have no idea what the kids are talking about. They give me a confused look :)

The kids had a great idea, "We should take a video and share it with everyone!"
I did NOT do the best job with the video, and some of the special effects, just will not show up on video - but at least we have a video that the kids can share and even enjoy themselves when the display is taken down (especially while they countdown until next year). The kids will love to hear what you think of everything when you see it!

This year, I had so much going on so I decided to ask my hubs if he could set up the decorations. He was nervous to do it without any input from me- haha, but I assured him I would love whatever he did! Can you believe he did this all by himself?? I was so impressed! He arranged everything better than I could have thought of!! He's so hired right?!?!

Below is VIDEO of the outside...

Do you want to see the inside too?

Funny story about this skeleton:
The skeleton in this picture is 5 feet tall (life size) and fully posable-- so the kids and I thought it was SO funny to drive around with him in the car. We sat him in the front seat (seat belted in) like a regular passenger- and other drivers would FREAK and do double takes all the time! The kids found that so hilarious, and so did I! When we would walk towards our car in parking lots, (with skeleton still sitting shotgun waiting in the car for us)- we got to laugh at people's reactions as they walked by the car- people were so surprised to see a skeleton looking at them, HAHA!

We received lots of funny comments like "that's a great carpool buddy" haha!!
Since he is really pose-able and holds his pose- we were able to do all sorts of funny things with him, put him in funny places and positions and even dressed him up in clothes and accessories!
He was another new addition this year and we love him!

Below is a VIDEO of some of our favorite indoor animated decor ...

We had a fun idea for the Family Room and fireplace mantle, but we didn't finish it- so I won't post pics until next year when that's all done!

Note: For some reason the blog layout is cutting off the right side of the videos ( a lot of it)- so you might want to watch them on YouTube for the full screen shot.

I will share pics of our Halloween costumes and from the Disneyland Halloween party soon!!

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