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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Playing Around with Adding Videos BELOW...

It is very hard to upload video footage to blogs because there are so many restrictions as to size and format. The easiest way is to use short clips from a digital camera. A few problems with that are that it is hard to get good quality footage with that type of camera, AND when you limit the taping to short segments in order to keep the size small, you don't necessarily capture the perfect moments since kids are unpredictable- HaHa! It seems the good stuff happens just before or after I start taping. I wish I could just video-tape for as long as I want and then take out the segments I want to use for the blog (the way you would make any home-video and edit it down), but I can't find a fast and easy way to do that in this format! So I am only running the tape for a few seconds-up to-one minute and then stopping and what I get- is- what I get on tape!!
So until I find a better way, the quality and footage are not the best, but I thought you would enjoy seeing Maletch in action for a nice change from boring still photos- especially for our friends and family that don't get to see him often!

Below are 2 Videos: Just a reminder that you might want to pause the music on the player (at the bottom of my blog) as the videos do have sound and the noise and music will be "battling." There is a large pause button at the top of the player, the same button will resume the music when you are ready.

The First Video is a short clip of him busy playing.

The Second Video is a short clip of him dancing- well, sort of- of course I missed the good stuff! In this clip he is really holding back and this is NOT how he normally dances. I will work on getting footage for the blog of him really "Gettin' Down" cuz ya really got to see that!

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