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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mickey and Minnie!

We like to dress up in costumes a lot at our house! Needless to say we are all ready and excited for Halloween just around the corner- YAY! We have had a lot of fun dressing up in theme for Halloween, and we plan to continue the tradition every year (we have a lot of themes already planned, haha). As a family we have "been" Romans, Germans, and Air Force,  and outside of Halloween we were the Fresh Beat Band and Toy Story characters....
Since it is so close to Halloween, should I tell you what we are all going to be this year? Or do you just want to be surprised and see pics? Or do you want a hint? Haha!
Tonight the kids wanted to put back on their costumes from Sariah's birthday party (which was Minnie Mouse themed) and I took some pics just for fun! I threw a few in a slideshow below...

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