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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Big Surprise....


I am almost beside myself with excitement, looking forward at our calendar. We just have so many fun things we are looking forward to! I even have one BIG secret up my sleeve which I will share with you--- but if you are John, Maletch, or Sariah you are not allowed to read beyond this point, hehe!! I was able to get tickets before they went on sale to the public for a show that I have been wanting to go to- since I learned of it back in Jan, but they were not in California at the time. Yep, I just scored FRONT row, CENTER ice tickets to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream!! The kids are going to FLIP out because the show is a montage of acts/short stories featuring almost ALL of their favorite characters from MANY of our favorite movies. 

They will get to see Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Peter Pan/ Captain Hook, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, and SO Much MORE! To make it even more fun, I got tickets for the night of John's birthday (Dec 12th) - which will just make the night and the event so much more special!! I know he will love this gift!! But remember it is a surprise, so shhhh.....
And you know the front row has to 'represent' so I have already picked out- you guessed it-- our costumes, LOL! Although, I am not telling even John about this until we get all the way to the show- they will kind of know SOMETHING is up- when I give them their costumes to put on, hehe!

What costumes will we be wearing?? Well, Sariah will be Snow White, l will be Cinderella, and John and Maletch will be our handsome Prince Charmings- YAY! Gonna be SO fun!! Yeah, pretty sure when I hand John his Prince Charming costume and say, "Here honey wear this"- meanwhile it is the middle of December and not Halloween, I'm pretty sure he will ask questions, but I will just say, "It's a surprise, now could you please drive us to the Staples Center?" haha--  Then I know he'll be thinking, there isn't a Laker game tonight so what's up?? He'll never guess, cuz he doesn't even know about the show, plus it is at a different arena than we went to Toy Story on Ice- so he will never figure it out, and he will be super worried cuz of what he will be wearing, haha!! It's his birthday, so I gotta mess with him a little, right?
I hope we get to meet the cast and go backstage!
I LOVE the costume quality of all of them and can't wait to see everyone in them! My main concerns I have is that my costume has a SUPER full petticoat (it's more full than my wedding dress) - which I love but didn't think about and that might be impractical for sitting at the show and Sariahs gown might be a little big (I ordered a size larger for just in case)-- so might need to have it altered- we'll see how this goes, hehe- at least I know my gentlemen will look dapper!  Here are pics of the exact costumes I ordered (although these all look better in person)...

Love the detail (in person): The gold design towards the bottom of the gown is actually a pattern in glitter and the dress is very full, and the sleeves are puffy and gorgeous. Even has a white stand up collar and red cape- just like Snow White! We will top this off with a tiara and wand!
I can already picture Maletch in this one!
 I sneakily got John to try this on, told him it was for Halloween, he looked so handsome- oops I just changed my mind about Halloween, HAHA!
 I couldn't love this one more, so full of details!

Below, I posted two videos from youtube that give some idea as to what the show is about, and a few sneak peeks at the scenes- if you watch the first until the end you will get an idea about how powerful the Disney on Ice stage/effects can be.
Note: Remember to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog before playing videos or the soundtracks will be battling. The pause button is toward the upper right corner of the player, and the same button will resume the music if you want.

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