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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The Things My Kids Say!"

Our little ones are so talkative, and so funny! Well they make me laugh, Sariah cuz she is so cute and she surprises me everyday by saying things I didn't know she knew- well they both do that - and Maletch cuz he is a funny guy, hehe!! Although I am in that famous VERY busy "with 2 kids under 5" category-- they are both at such fun ages (1 1/2 and 4 1/2) - I love this stage in their lives and I am in no rush for them to grow up!! I can always sleep and clean the house later right? hehe!

OK, so it has been a while since I posted "Funny Things Maletch Says," but now that they are BOTH  talking- we'll change it to "Things the Kids Say." The grandparents can keep up with Sariah's speech, and I think everyone will enjoy the funny things Maletch says!

We'll start with Sariah:

First of all, I was intending to keep track of all the words Sariah says until she was 18 months (which was last month)- and I will update that original post later (the best I can)-   BUT  - I have to admit, I lost track after she passed 100 words which was a while ago! She speaks in sentences now. She can communicate just about anything she wants to say.

Some Things Sariah Said Today:

"Can I have some juice please?"

"I did it!" (then dramatically clapped for her own achievement) She does this a lot (when she builds a train track/opens something/ figures something out, etc)

"You need to push it!" (explaining to me how to turn on a toy- referring to a button)

"It's not nurking" (it's not working)- she says this bringing me toys that need new batteries!

"It's broken!" (when a toy comes apart)

"That's funny!" (she says this often times when she laughs- usually when her brother is being silly)

After 'reading' (naming everything in every picture on every page) her Curious George book, she said "I want the monkey, please?" while she pointed upstairs. She was blocked by the baby gate and the toy monkey she wanted was up in Maletch's room.

When I was plating our dinner tonight, she said, "Oh tacos, I get in my chair" then she climbed in her high chair and sat down.

Walking up the stairs, Maletch always likes to 'count the stairs' ... well for a while now, Sariah counts too! We have 15 steps and she counts clearly to 10 (and sometimes higher)!

This really surprised me:
She caught a glimpse of a picture of herself (one from her birthday where she made a mess with her cake) She shouted, "My birfday"
I said, "Yes that was your birthday, how do you know that?"
She said, "I have hat." (she was wearing a party hat in the picture) I have no idea how she knows that!

She shocked me with this one tonight (playing with a spaceship) she said, "Five, four, three, two, one, (then she made blast-off noises)" Yep she counted backwards from five!!

She also LOVES our Christmas tree (she pronounces "Chrisses tree") since we have it all decorated with Disney store ornaments. She loves to talk about all the characters (she names them all) and I have caught that little bugger climbing VERY high trying to pull the ornaments down (to play). Since they are characters- she thinks they are toys! She makes me  SOOO nervous! We have a hexagon shaped baby gate around the tree (to protect her from breaking ornaments AND to prevent her from opening the presents under the tree- while we are upstairs- remember the birthday gifts opening fiasco- LOL) BUT I came out from the kitchen tonight and found her ON THE INSIDE of the gate with the presents!! She hopped that gate so fast- so it isn't really doing any good at this point- LOL-- and it is way taller than she is!

Maletch has taught her a lot of Christmastime lingo, so she likes to point out Santa all over the place, as well as snowmen, and other things - all which she can pronounce perfectly! The other night when we hung our stockings, she yelled out "Socks!" - I thought that was cute!

She also LOVES to wear her brother's clothes- I think it is for 2 reasons actually: The main reason is she likes the boy style characters that are often on his clothes (like Thomas, Buzz, Woody, McQueen) and the other because she just looks up to him so much, she wants to be like him. She will OFTEN bring me one of his shirts and ask me, "Put on shirt please?" She even tries to put them on herself (which she can't do yet)! Tonight she wanted to wear his Thomas shirt (which I did put on her- it is a dress on her) AND she wanted to wear his sweatpants (no character on those- just are big brother pants) and she asked me "Put pants please?" When I wouldn't she got pretty upset. So I had to explain to her- that they are way too big and she won't be able to walk, hehe! She still wanted to try, so I saw her trying to put them on herself too!

She often asks me, "Can we go bye-bye in the car?" She has memorized most of our routine for leaving and will often tell me (while I am getting ready), "I need shoes!"

She notices details of things too- this wasn't from today- but recently she told me, "Bunny has no shoes!" (while pointing to a stuffed bunny)

She also LOVES to point to anything with print and name letters of the alphabet. She names quite a few correctly (like D, E, I, O) but when she doesn't know them, she names random letters (I have never taught her this- she picked it all up from Maletch's Hooked on Phonics videos).

I recently started teaching her colors and she knows several already (Yellow, Purple, "Bwoo", "Gween")

I had not started teaching her shapes yet, when she pointed to a picture of a triangle and said, "Riangle." When I replied surprised, "Very good, that is a triangle!" She ran to get one of her Magna-Tiles and brought me back a triangle!

She has always talked non-stop, she used to have her own language-- but now we can understand almost everything she says. She will keep a conversation going a LONG time- although she changes the subject quite frequently (and sporadically). That makes Maletch laugh, when he is trying to have a conversation with her, and she jumps to a different topic!

Now I'll share some funny conversations with Maletch and a few stories:

Funny Things Maletch Says:

Christmas List:
Maletch: "Mommy you made the kid list this Christmas!"
Me: "I made the kid list, what's a kid list?"
Maletch: "Yep mommy, you made the kid list instead of the grown-up list this year, so you get fun toys for Christmas instead of, you know, your grown-up stuff!"
Me: "Hmm, getting toys- that sounds fun, so do you think grown up stuff is boring?"
Maletch: "Yeah, it is."

Funny Question:
Maletch: "Mommy, are you going to eat me again?"
Me: "What?!?! I would never EAT you!"
Maletch: "Well Sariah and I used to be in your belly, so you ate me one time before, right?"
Me: "Oh you mean when I was pregnant with you, and you were in my belly.... um well yeah you were in my belly, but I didn't eat you, God put you in my belly."
Maletch: "When I was in your belly, you had to eat me, right- I had to go in your mouth, right? So are you going to eat me and Sariah again?" (and he gestured to the way you eat and food goes down)
Me: "Well, I know that is how food gets in your belly, but when God puts a baby in a ladies belly it is different. He puts a baby inside a different part of the belly- it is not the same part that food goes."
Maletch: "Does it go in your belly button?"
Me: "Um... yeah."
Maletch: "Do I have a baby in my belly? (he lifted up his shirt and was looking at his belly)
Me: "No honey, only girls can get pregnant."
Maletch: "Does Sariah have a baby in her belly?
Me: "Actually only grown-up ladies can get pregnant when they are married."
Maletch: "Like you are married to daddy! Do you have a baby in your belly right now?"
Although, I answered, "No."- he lifted my shirt and examined my belly button! He was trying to look inside my belly button- hehe!

Maletch: "Mommy did you know there are bears on the moon?"
Me: "Well there really aren't bears on the moon, but we can pretend there are. Are you pretending?"
Maletch: "No, there really are bears on the moon, real ones, I saw them!"
Me: "Where did you see this?"
Maletch: "On 'Imagination Movers'!" (a TV show)
Me: "Oh they must have been pretending that because there really aren't bears on the moon."
Maletch: "There are real bears on the moon, I promise!"
Me: "Well I know that shows seems real since it has real people/ it's not a cartoon, but not everything on TV is real. Sometimes they pretend or make up stories just like we do for fun. I promise it was for pretend"
Maletch: "Mommy, I'm telling you, there really ARE bears on the moon, I promise! Maybe we should look it up on the computer."
Me:"Well sweetheart, let's think about this for a minute: how would bears get to the moon? People can only go there by rocket ships, like the Space Shuttle. I don't think bears can fly on the Space Shuttle.
He seriously thought about it for a minute, then he asked a million questions. Now sometimes as a joke, he'll say, "Mommy there really are bears on the moon, I promise you"-  and he'll bust up laughing!!

Teaching Maletch about oral Hygeine (with visual aids):
Maletch: "Mommy what is that thing hanging in the back of that mouth?"
Me: "That is called a Uvula."
Maletch: "Do I have one?"
Me: "Yep!"
Maletch: "Do you have one?"
Me: "Yeah, and daddy and Sariah too, all people have them!"
Maletch: "The whale at Disneyland has one too" (the whale on Storybook Land ride)
Me: "You're right I remember that!"
Maletch: "What is if for?"
ahh the question I worried was coming...
Me: "Well I am not really sure."
Maletch: "Maybe we should look it up on the computer."
Me: "Good idea, let's go see"
.... a little later that night...
Maletch: "Hey maybe we can get a Uvula ornament for the Christmas tree and hang it right here."
Me: "I don't think they make those."
Maletch: "Well maybe they do, we should look because that would be cool!"
Maletch asks this all the time, "Mommy, can I see your uvula?"
Then, "Mommy can you see mine? (aaaaaaahh)" and I hear, "Sariah, open your mouth and say aaaaaahh."
So please be on the lookout for uvula ornaments, hehe, and be prepared to show him your uvula!

Jokes and Impressions:
Maletch has a very clever sense of humor for 4 yrs old! He even makes up his own one-liner jokes!
Recently, we were talking about cows (how they make milk, etc), and we were getting ready to leave, and he said, "Well, we better get moooo-ving." I was impressed since that was clever- and John and I don't make jokes like that- so we don't know where he learned that??

He does a lot of funny impressions, that are right on- (down to the voices, gestures, etc) and he does these almost constant and he figures out a way to add them (smoothly) into so many conversations.
I posted a video on YouTube- of him performing "A Magic Show" where he did a LOT of impressions in it.- BUT if you aren't familiar with the people that he is imitating then you wouldn't catch that is what he is doing- because he doesn't announce it (he just acts it out as if he is talking- but if you are familiar you totally know). In that particular video he does impressions of: "Silly Billy" (professional magician), and impressions of some audience members (from a skit), and "The Great Zucchini" (magician), and he also incorporated a saying from the Fresh Beat Band). I am pretty sure nobody will recognize the people he is imitating-  I wish I could post a video of them first- then you would totally know! Before I link it to my blog, I will try to post notes with it at least.
He does different impressions all the time. I can only guess that his talents for impressions probably comes from him always acting out movies (since he was 1 yr old). That is still his favorite thing to do with us. He assigns us all roles and likes to act out scenes from movies or shows. John and I do not have this talent- so he did NOT get that from us!

Story Time:
He loves to listen to me and daddy's "when I was a kid" stories and he has a few favorites that he always asks us to re-tell...A few of his favorites have to do with our encounters with wild animals (surprisingly we both have a lot of those stories, hehe). Every night, he asks, "Mommy/Daddy, can you tell me the ___ story?" (there are so many he asks for).

Making Up Stories:
Well, one day he decided he should make up his own stories of wild encounters too,..: (this came around the time we were studying bugs and spiders) and that is when "Pokin Spiders" were invented!! ...
The first time he told a story about Pokin Spiders, I asked, "What is a Pokin Spider?" He answered, "They are called that because they will try to poke you!" he imitated having sharp horns.
He likes to tell stories of being chased by Pokin Spiders that were trying to get him and running in the house while barely getting away! Pokin spiders are very fast! I am sure he will tell you one of his tales of Pokin spiders!

My favorite is when his stories begin with, "When I was a kid..." or "When I was young..." hehe! These are usually true stories of things that happened last year (you know when he was a kid). :)

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