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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Funny Story of John's Christmas Stocking!

How many Christmas stockings does one man need? I am sure you are thinking just one, right?
Well yes, but no, hehe! The answer is really 5  ... I'll explain...
My hubs is a typical man, you know- not too picky when it comes to most things, like the house decor, etc.. he just leaves it to me and as long as I'm happy, he's happy- and he usually really likes things I pick out. He's even a great sport when it comes to wearing costumes- he doesn't ever complain- and he usually likes those too- or at least the fun of it- he's easy going!
Well, he has liked everything just fine - except the Christmas stockings I have picked out, LOL!!! Funny thing to be choosy about, hehe!
We have been together 9 Christmases and I have purchased him 5 stockings over the years- always to replace a previous one that he didn't like, hehe!
As it turns out, I really don't like many stockings in the stores- I like everything to be unique/different...
So for our first Christmas together, I bought these for us:

I thought these were cute- hehe, and unusual, and I loved all the bling!

Conversation when I showed John:
Me: "Look honey, I got us some stockings."
John: "What? One of those is for me? Uhhm, (pause) I don't know about that?"
Me: "You don't like them?"
John: "No, not really."
Me: "What's wrong with them?"
John: (laughing) "Well everything. They have rhinestone-things- they are all shiny- these are for girls!"
I didn't believe they were that bad, until my dad and Denise were over and my dad was laughing WITH John! They were making fun of my stockings!

But wait, it gets funnier.....
OK fine, so the next year I looked around again, and I found some new ones- great!! I was driving home with them in the car, and happened to get a call from John, so I mentioned:
Me: "Oh guess what, I finally found us some new stockings- so we can get rid of the other ones! I think you will like them this time!"
John: "I am sure I will as long as mine doesn't have like a picture of a stupid reindeer on it or something."
Me: (laughing so hard)
John: "It has a reindeer on it?"
Me: "How did you know to say -have a reindeer- cuz yeah it does! It has one that sings and its antlers move with bells!"
John: "What the??-- Are you serious??"
BOTH of us were rolling laughing so hard, we couldn't breathe!
Me: (still laughing so hard) "Well I got a dog one too, would you like the dog one better?"
John: "No, no animals would be better."

Well, I came home to show him these.... 

I thought they were cute... but John, not so much!
Before you play this video- be sure to pause the music player towards the bottom of the blog or the sounds will be battling.
Here is a short video of what the stockings do...  cuz it is funny! I was just gonna take a quick video for this post, and I was going to tell the story on video... But as you will hear, Maletch ran over talking about it- so I didn't want to tell the, "Daddy didn't like the stocking story" in front of him-  I didn't want to explain how daddy didn't like it so he gave it to you! hehe. Oh but daddy likes it for you, just not for himself! I really laugh now thinking about how I bought these WAY before the kids were born- we were just a married couple, LOL!

What man wouldn't want this stocking right? hehe!

OK, so then the next year, I kept looking and I found some that neither of us really liked, but they were the best I could find-- no rhinestones-- no singing reindeer-- but not my favorites...

You can't tell from the pic, but these are very 3-D. They have wooden pieces attached and all kinds of things, and very puffy appliques.
John gave me a funny look and asked, "Why don't we just get some regular plain stockings?"
Me: "Cuz that's too boring, who wants that??"
John: (laughing) "I wouldn't mind that."
Me: "Don't worry, one day I'll find some we both like, and they won't be plain."
Both of us laughed yet again!!

OK, so the NEXT year, I finally found THESE-- and I LOVED them!! I was so EXCITED-- finally these are really my style!! I wondered what John would say- cuz they do have a little rhinestone bling (negative for him)-- but they are more simple (plus for him)- and they are unique (perfect for me) --- I really thought these were THE ONES!!...

Well, his reaction was not exactly what I'd hoped for!
Me: "So what do you think?"
John: "Well, they are better than all the other ones."
Me: "You don't love them?"
John: "Well they aren't bad."
Me: "Well are they great?"
John: "They are OK."
Me: "Aww, just OK? Man, I thought these were perfect!"
John: "Well I don't hate them."
Me: "Can you try to love them?"
We both had another great laugh!!

Well each year, the ones I bought were "better" than the previous - so we used them each once- until the buckle ones. We have used those every year since the year we got them...  and then, after the kids were born, we gave them the singing ones (Maletch got daddy's singing reindeer, and Sariah got my singing dog)...
This is how they looked all together:

.... Until this year- when I surprised the family-  I ordered heirloom quality knit stockings with all of our names embroidered- YAY! I bet the kids wonder why they don't sing or do anything fun, LOL!

John and I BOTH love the unique, vintage look- and I know we will have these for many many years!

These remind me of the stockings my brothers and I had as kids (my dad and Denise still have them). Although these are different style-wise, my childhood stocking was crocheted so it had lots of stretch and could hold a lot of goodies- just like these! I really had fun stuffing these this year and I was AMAZED at how much I was able to get in there- compared to previous years with the no-stretch ones! I should take a pic of all the stuff I fit in just one!!

Anyway, John and I laugh at the stocking fiasco stories every year! It is funny, because we still have them all in the same Christmas bin with our current ones- and we didn't really plan to keep them, but every year when we pull our stockings out, we bust up laughing when we find them- funny memories-- John especially laughs at the first shiny ones! So maybe I will never get rid of them, so we can re-discover them every Christmas- but I wanted to scrapbook and journal this now- (while we still have them all)- and its the perfect time since the saga of the bad stockings is finally over, haha!
... and now you know why John has FIVE stockings!
I still tease John that one year, I plan to decorate in a Winter Wonderland theme that will be all white, silver, & blue- and that we will need those shiny stockings to go with the theme- hehe- it always makes him laugh and groan! I actually do want to do that one year though- hehe- so maybe the stockings he hates will be making a comeback? lol!

P.S. If you click on a pic it will enlarge- and you can see the funny details better! Once one pic is enlarged- you can just use your right/left arrows and see all the stockings enlarged.

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