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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth of July 2013!

We always go to the big event at the University of Redlands (U of R). We have heard that it is the largest 4th of July celebration in California and that is probably true considering how far many people travel to attend it! So much fun for the whole family!
They do a fly over with John's plane (the C-17) to kick it off! Then skydivers parachute into the center of the stadium, then a live band gets my whole family dancing for hours... until one of the best pyrotechnics shows we have ever seen! They choreograph the fireworks (like they are dancing) to a soundtrack mixed with patriotic and rock songs- great show! They also do NOT skimp on the fireworks- the show is a FULL 25 minutes packed with lights everywhere- and the 'finale' is so powerful- it vibrates your whole body!!
We came prepared with flags and pinwheels and we also brought our Disneyland after dark toys--- fundangos (spinning light-up toys) and of course their light-up bubble guns- which filled the stadium with floating bubbles! It made dozens of kids gather around in laughter! Our kids became very popular, hehe!

 Maletch "break dancing"! 
 Sariah is dancing too!
I like this one of Sariah holding daddy's hand! 

We met a lot of nice and interesting people including a professional photographer, whom I noticed was taking photos of Sariah. Later her and her friend introduced themselves and told me she had caught some great shots of her which I am sure I appreciate.  
We met several great families too- always great people at the 4th of July shindig! Had fun with all of ya!!
Too many photos to post- so I grabbed random ones!!

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