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Friday, October 25, 2013

Classroom Sneak Peeks!

We've had several requests for photos of our classroom and requests for a video room tour.
Although, I wanted to wait to do the tour- until after we had it completed...
I know we are taking forever, so I decided to just take some sneak peek pics and EVEN a video tour showing how it is - so far...

 This is our group activity table
(6 feet long by 3 feet across- HUGE) 
I can EASILY fit 6 chairs around for larger groups (and often do).
Above it I have a hanging cabinet for my organizers. To the left we have a row of School Lockers and to the right is our Art Center cabinet.
 Above on this wall, we have our apple number line.
Never mind the stuff on the cabinets- it's temporary :)
Our large classroom clock will be hung above in the center.
We used faux brick all the way around the room- we were going for a "schoolhouse" look. I absolutely LOVE how that came out! A total pain in John's behind- YES- but I say it was worth it, haha!!
This is my teacher desk area, in the corner a filing cabinet and a printer.
The flagpole will be hung on this wall.
This window allows a TON of natural light in the day!
 This is our student work area. They each have their own desks (with lift top lids), and their own workboxes (LOVE those!- the 10 drawer units- I will explain how those work later).
If you are curious, Maletch's station is on the left, and Sariah on the right :)
Above are two hanging cabinets that hold all of the curriculum and books we are using. The alphabet border is above on that wall.
To the left of the student work stations, is a closet.
In front of that, I have a pocket chart stand on wheels, so I can move it, or use the reverse side easily. It is never in the way- lots of space around it.
 The whiteboard wall
Here is a video tour of the classroom. I share what is inside several cabinets, lockers, and the closet, which lets you see the types of materials we are using, how we are organizing/storing it, and also gives you a feel for the function and flow of the room. So far, this layout is functioning nicely.

When I get it all decorated, I will share updated pics! I can't wait to see it done! Heck I can't wait for the rest of the house to get done too!! Since we spend so much time in this room, and we do so many different activities in here too- the overall goal was to make it SUPER functional, easy to maintain/upkeep, but ALSO to make it a fun room to be in too!

Really, I mostly have ALL of the fun stuff left to do (the finishing touches)- YAY!
I still need to:
Hang our Classroom Clock and the teaching aid clock surround
Hang our Flag/Flagpole
Hang the bazillion chart posters and bulletin board sets which I don't have room for all of them, hehe. So I will have to switch those out frequently so we can enjoy them all!
I also purchased some ceiling hanging signs/decorations, which I will hang as well

Then there are a few other changes coming too:
A few things on order:
* more matching red school chairs for our group table
* 5'x4' magnetic whiteboard with map-rail
* and a few more things I still need to order such as eventually I will purchase (and wall mount) a 22" TV and DVD player for our school videos

Then, it will be all DONE- YAY!!

I will do a Video Tour- Part 2, to share what is in the workboxes- how they work, and also share how I create and organize the lesson plans, the curriculum, student's completed work, etc.
The workbox system is not my own idea, and I am so grateful to all the moms that shared it with me- the best system ever! I have created my own systems for the teacher related stuff which I also love- and I am happy to pass it along too!


Ebelgirl said...

Ummm my classroms in school wern't even this nice! I bet you spent like $10,000 on it LOL. Very intense I would LOVE to have something like that. I think you missed your calling hehe. It looks very nice and fun! I would send my kids there. Thanks for sharing!

maletchsmommy said...

Aw, thanks! OMGOSH, wouldn't that be so cool if we lived closer and Addie and Myles could go to our "Private School"? :) I would love that! That would be way too much fun, hehe!