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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T-Ball Practice is Funny Stuff!

Maletch at bat!
Watching T-Ball is just so dang funny! Most of the kids have no idea about the rules of baseball, and basically they do what they are told the best they can.

One time Maletch hit the ball, but he forgot to run. He stood there watching where his ball went, hehe. The coach said, "Run to first." On his first day, he ran to third, hehe. By his second day, he knew where to run, but the kid that was already on first didn't run to second- so then there were two kids on first- haha. 
Later same practice, Maletch was on second base, a batter hit and Maletch watched the action (while he hung out on second) even though another runner ran to second, and then they both shared the base and were talking (both kids had one foot on the base and were just talking and hanging out)- hehe! It seemed like there were always 2 kids sharing a base until the coach would tell whichever one to run to the next base! Watching T-Ball gives a new meaning to that old "Who's on first" joke :)
During that same practice, the coach told another kid, "run to home" - and the kid ran to the dugout- haha! I love T-Ball!
Sariah loves watching her brother play baseball, she is usually hanging in the dugout, talking to Maletch and the other kids through the fence (especially when he is in line to bat).
Sometimes when he's out in the field, she climbs up the bleachers to watch for a few minutes.  

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