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Monday, December 9, 2013

Maletch Performed at the Festival of Lights!

Maletch was invited to perform (dance) at the 21st annual Festival of Lights! He was so excited to do it, and we were so excited to watch him! He was supposed to perform the Breakdancing routine that he performed in recital- and he was supposed to perform it SOLO!
Funny, John and I were a little worried he might get nervous, maybe freeze up and forget the moves (since he is used to dancing in a group) and it is much easier to remember when you can look at other dancers for cues. Not only did he nail his dance-- when his routine was over- he stayed on stage and started dancing freestyle!
We think he was unsure if he was supposed to be done or not- like "should I just walk off the stage now?" so like a little pro, when you are unsure of anything on stage- you keep dancing- and that is exactly what he did!!
Poor kid just kept going and going, unsure of how to exit, so they finally sent the next dancer on stage to take over (and let him know he could exit the stage)- hehe- it was so cute!
Great job Maletch!!
The Festival of Lights is super amazing and takes up the entire downtown area of the city- they have everything from Santa's Workshop, to an outdoor Ice-Skating Rink! They also had beautiful horse drawn carriages all lit up in Christmas lights that people could ride around the city!
The stage was right next to the ice rink so after he performed for a very large audience, we enjoyed the rest of our day at the festival! What a fun day!
I will post a video soon!

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