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Sunday, May 11, 2014

No More Easter Bunny?

As Easter approached and excitement grew, it all started when my analytical son began asking many questions about the Easter Bunny...
His line of thinking and line of questions, led him to finally asking, "So mommy, is the Easter bunny a person wearing a bunny costume, or is he a real bunny? It couldn't be a real bunny, right? How big is he?"
Well, my heart just couldn't allow me to "lie" to him, especially not with his specific questions, so I cracked. My heart was so scared to tell him because I didn't want him to feel betrayed or lied to about the past stories he had heard. I began with, "I almost hate to tell you this, but I think it is time I told you the truth about the Eater Bunny. Do you want me to tell you the truth?"
His eyes got so big, he lit up so bright and said, "Yeah!"
After giving him the whole story, he actually thought it was so cool (that surprised me). I asked him to keep it a secret for a while so that Sariah could still be excited about the bunny. A few short minutes later, I heard him telling her, "The Easter bunny is really mommy and daddy!"
I came in, "Why did you tell her?"
Maletch: "Because mommy, I want her to love you guys!"
Me: "What??"
Maletch: "She should know you and daddy are the Easter bunnies- that is so cool that you do that!"
Hehe, he couldn't believe that we prepare the Easter baskets without getting "credit" for it-- so he wanted to make sure we got credit- so CUTE!!

Fast forward to not-even-a-month later, and his 4th tooth fell out. So then we had excitement brewing about another visit from the Tooth Fairy! Well he came to me with many more questions about that! He asked, "So is the Tooth Fairy super tiny? or is she the size of a grown up?" and more..
I decided to come clean again! He thought that was cool too!

Then, I realized the only thing he still believed in was Santa, and that I should probably take the opportunity to set the record straight there too- so we wouldn't have any more secrets. He actually had a hard time believing that Santa wasn't real. He basically tried to convince me that I must be mistaken. I asked why he still thought Santa was real. He explained that he had seen movies (he clarified: real movies that weren't cartoons) that had Santa in them. So he had "seen Santa." He also thought he understood Santa's "backstory" (and was telling me about it) and everything, from the films. So it took a little more talking than the others, but he finally came around.

I also took the opportunity to explain that all of the other stories about the past were real, and everything we've talked about God and Jesus were all real and true. We had no more silly tales to tell, and we had no more secrets!
Although I haven't had a talk with Sariah, I suspect she has an inclination (or better). But for now, I will pretend that she still believes!
I was surprised that without any clues from other kids that Maletch had so many questions on his own. How did my baby boy grow up so fast?

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