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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas!! 2011

We definitely had a Merry Christmas and Santa must've thought Maletch and Sariah were especially good (maybe they made the nice list TWICE, hehe) because they got a load of presents!! We did a little better this year because it only took them 3 days to open their presents (from mommy and daddy), rather than last year (where it dragged out over 5 days- ok that was a crazy amount of presents). Hey we shaved 2+ days off our time, LOL!
I am sure Maletch will want to tell you all about the fun things he received for Christmas, but until then, I'll share some....
This year Santa brought a boatload of learning/educational toys (a few that I want to share and recommend and I will do a separate post about those). Santa also brought a track set for cars (motorized cars came with the track too) but it is also perfect for his "push" cars (diecast cars) too- we have always wanted a designated track for those- so that was cool! Another cool thing Santa brought was a Melissa & Doug Puppet Theater for the kids to perform with and of course he brought a BIN-full of puppets to go with it. With every kind of puppet imaginable- I am sure they will make up great stories with their selection of puppets!

Then they moved on to presents from mommy and daddy, and Maletch got some new Thomas wooden trains, tracks, and destinations, new Geotrax stuff, superhero action figures, a Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Command Center plus lots of action figures, a Stomp Rocket and they both got lots of Disney toys and a boatload of new DVDs.
There is just too much to list so I will post some photos of their loot!

I will post some photos from both Christmases soon (I've been wanting to go back and post our Christmas 2010 photos- that was during the time I wasn't blogging/ pregnancy complications) but I still want to share! Our pics are on the other computer in the office and the kids are not allowed in there, so it makes it harder for me to get time in there!

...Photos still being added to the slideshow below....

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