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Thursday, January 5, 2012

OUCH... and WHAT???

First the OUCH....
OMGOSH, tonight Maletch cut his mouth on his new trumpet. He was running around in the kitchen playing it when he tripped and slammed into the dishwasher. The mouthpiece jammed in his mouth and made a very DEEP gash (under his tongue)- poor guy! I am not one to freak too much about blood- but it was gushing out- all over him, me, and the floor- it was a LOT of blood. When he opened his mouth, it was pooled up around his teeth, he was swallowing it- it was not a pretty sight!
Anyway, I am pretty good at first aid- thanks to my dad (who is like MacGyver) teaching me lots of tricks and having 2 crazy brothers, LOL! OK, so I had to find the gash (which was tricky being in his mouth and with so much blood) but I got it cleaned up, put pressure on it, etc.
This bordered on an Emergency room trip since I knew it could definitely use a few stitches, but I also know that they rarely stitch in the mouth since our mouths are made of special cells that are quick healing. So I called the on-call doctor to explain and get advice since it was late, John was at work, and I preferred not to drag my 3 yr old and 7 month old in for an all-nighter if they would just send us home (and ask us to come back in 1-2 days).
In the end, I couldn't get it to entirely stop bleeding, but I got it to slow down to an ooze (it was still a deep open wound).

Now for the WHAT???
As I was speaking to the answering service, who would page the on-call doctor, I was answering questions on the speaker phone (my name, patient name, phone number, etc)
Maletch was right next to me saying the answers before I did:
Guy: "Last name?"
Maletch: "Pollard."
Guy: "Birthdate?"
Maletch: "March second."
Guy: "Phone number we can call you back?"
ME: "area code 909"
before I could finish, Maletch said, "seven nine six, three seven six three"
Wait, What??
I stopped talking to the guy and asked, "Maletch, do you know our phone number?"
He said, "Yeah it is 796-3763"
What the heck??? No I didn't teach him this, and neither did daddy. He has only heard me give it out (maybe a few times) and he remembered the numbers and sequence?? John and I still don't understand this? I asked him to say it again a few more times, and sometimes he would add the "909 area code" and sometimes he would just say the 7-digit number (probably since he has heard me say it both ways).

It was funny when I got off the phone and I realized that my 3 1/2 yr old son could have actually made that call on his own- he didn't need me, he knew how to answer EVERY question the guy asked and even could explain what happened as well as I could- pretty crazy!

Oh, and after I got off the phone, Maletch said, "We need to tell daddy, this is an emergency!" Of course we called daddy and Maletch told him everything (how it happened, the whole story), and he even added, "I am bleeding and there is a lot of blood everywhere... and daddy, mommy was scared." Oh sweetheart, I was hoping you didn't know that!

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