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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"I'm Not Big Enough"

We were watching our Toy Story on Ice videos and also the videos from the real show. As we were watching this one with Barbie and Ken doing lifts (video below):
Maletch said, "Wow she is a really good ice skater, I kept falling down."
I assured him, that he did very well for his first time. I also reminded him that he really only fell down during the first few minutes and that he got better as he practiced.
Watching the 'lifts', he said, "We can do that next time we go ice skating." Then, with such a disappointed look on his face, he said, "I can't hold you like that mommy, because I'm not big enough." Then his face lit up and he said, "Daddy can though!"
I thought it was so cute that he wanted to try to lift me, hehe! I did not dare tell him- there is no way I'm letting daddy lift me on ice skates anytime soon- haha! A few minutes later he said, "I could lift Sariah!" My heart melted as I pictured him dancing with her on the ice! Since he does lift/carry her around the house, I felt it was a good idea to explain how slippery the ice is, etc...
Then he said, "Maybe I can when Sariah gets a little bigger." :)

Then he grabbed Sariah's shoulders and put his face close to hers, and said. "We can do that Sariah, we will, but you just got to get a little bigger first!"

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