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Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Baby Girl is ONE Today!!

Can you believe it, Sariah is one year old today?!?! This year went way too fast! We will be having our official celebration this weekend, since John had to work today (Friday).
She will have SEVERAL costume changes, including TWO different Minnie Mouse costumes- LOL, PLUS we ordered TWO cakes, one to serve to everyone, and one for her to go nuts with! I'll be posting LOTS of pics....
until then, here are a few pics I took today, (This photo shoot didn't go quite as planned- we had a lot of distractions with all of the neighbors coming outside and going bananas. Her big brother was right by her side as always. He gets really nervous and protective when people get too close to her) ........
ALSO keep scrolling to see the post: "What Sariah Does All Day!"

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