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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scrapbook Design Contest- Week 2!

Well, this week was no less crazy busy- so I didn't get near the amount of time to plan and play with my supplies before I got started as I was hoping for!
Funny how my crazy mind works: I had one idea from the start- but as I was thinking about it I started second guessing myself so then I had the idea -- "I should make a backup plan in case this doesn't go the way I would like- that way I can change gears and have a Plan B. Well I don't know why I didn't just do my first idea cuz I wasted so much time trying to make sure that I had Plan B-- that I didn't have time to get my plan A in gear.Next thing I know it was Friday night and I hadn't started so I said "Well I wish I could do Plan A- but since I don't have anything prepared for it-- I HAVE to do Plan B. Hehe--  I'm so crazy!!

Anyway, on to what I did...
The name of this challenge was "Paper Layering Techniques". That is all good since I use lots of those in all my layouts-- problem was if I wanted to "wow" the judges I couldn't do anything expected. So trying to think outside the box- I wanted to do a few things unusual...
I made a "Faux Shadow Box Frame" using 5 layers of card stock - and I popped up each layer (using foam in between).
I made a layer of lattice, which I wrapped in a leaf vine.
I used trims from my photo as "paper layers" (the photo had lots of grass in the background- so I used strips of that) as layers
I also did a "Faux Wood Technique" on the faux shadow box frame.(using inks and crackle paint)
I lost count after 20 layers of paper- so I used a TON!!
So that is how I "handled" the challenge part.

This will get the title "Butterfly Wishes" 
I will make custom die-cut letters when I have a little time.
Photo of Sariah on her first birthday.

This is VERY dimensional, thick and heavy!

Close up of the "Faux Wood" treatment

Other details about the layout: I made a "peek-a-boo" under one layer where I placed a cameo and pearls. I put glitter in a glass vial as "Fairy Dust" which I wrapped in wire and dangled from a chain from one of the butterflies. I also used lots of other embellies like a pillar which I wrapped in a vine.

The judges will vote on Sunday and we won't know until Monday morning. I really hope I make it to the next round! I saw the entries by my competition-- OMGOSH-- truly amazing! So please wish me luck!!

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