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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scrapbook Design Contest- Week 3!

This challenge was my favorite so far- which called for us to use metal embossing- one of my FAVS! I love, LOVE working with metal because there is just SO much you can do with it! There are so many different techniques you can do to create metal embossing- AND- it can be made to fit ANY style or project-- can be: soft and pretty OR dirty textured and grungy!
Well I had a LOT of ideas flood almost instantly, so I was torn between doing 4 different projects- yep FOUR! I was trying to decide on either doing
  • An "off the page" project (lingo which means NOT a layout, but rather to alter an item like a birdhouse, etc)
  • An "industrial grunge" style layout
  • A "steam punk" style layout
  • A soft and feminine layout
I ended up initially deciding on doing an industrial grunge layout... I had planned to use a photo of my brother doing freestyle motocross tricks. Those pics really BEG to be done that way! I was so excited once I chose the specific photos and I started sketching it all out-- BUT- I ran into a problem- I needed a few supplies that I thought I had- but didn't... so rather than doing it differently (with different supplies) - I made the decision to order the supplies and put that project on "hold" until everything gets here- so I can do it the way I want. Unfortunately this contest has a deadline- so there was no way my supplies would arrive in time for me to get this completed- so I had to choose a different idea for my contest entry.

Plan # 2:
I wanted to try to "challenge" myself and do something a little different.
I was inspired by some old Vintage Tin Tiles and their intricate embossed designs, and I wanted to do a layout that looked like it was "mounted" on one.

These "Vintage Tin Tiles" were my inspiration
Since this challenge was about embossing- when I found this photo of Sariah, it made me laugh since she was "embossing" our remote with her teeth- and I had to choose it!  I wanted to combine hard and soft elements to accent the photo, so I used lots of metal, plastic and fabric.

Used Lots of Techniques:
I made the "Tin Tile" using Foil Tape (from Home Depot). Put it on some card stock and ran it through my Big Shot using embossing folders to deboss. I painted the whole thing black to get paint in the debossed design- then wiped the paint off the top.
Then I went to work on the clock:
For the multi-tone frame, I used alcohol inks and acrylic paint.
Since I wanted "air bubbles" in the lavender ring- I used the "Acrylic Smash" technique- which was tricky since I didn't want any purple in the center of the clock. So I cut the second acetate to the size of he middle ring. I went slowly and wiped the excess paint from the middle.
I made many of the embellies such as the rolled zipper flower, metal die-cut flower, and the lace up detail with eyelets and ball chain. I also made the black plastic flower using one of my favorite techniques I learned when I did floral design.
I also used lots of mediums on the chippie clock.

The truth is I was NOWHERE near finished with this LO when my time was up- uggh!! Somehow my time just got completely away from me this week! I mean completely away! But rather than not entering anything- I submitted it "as it was" anyway.

Some things that  I still need to do to it::
  • Create a fabric texture on the lace up detail (the lavender part) with a stamp and heat embossing
  • Create a cracked center for the big clock by using a "broken glass" technique 
  • Make a few more metal embellies (die cut flowers, leaves, and flourishes)
  • Correct he composition (where everything is placed) and add a few more selected embellies
  • Add a title
Well, since I was STILL making the elements to go on the page.... and I hadn't worked on the composition yet- I had to literally throw what I had- on the page- and this is how I had to submit it....

You can click on the photos to enlarge to see more detail
Some details are hard to see in this pic like the "light bulb" embellie, the butterfly at the bottom right of her pic, the clock key, and a few others.
Hopefully, I will get this finished on Sunday.
I will take some close ups of the two clocks I made to show the detail when I''m all done.
The judges vote on Sunday, but we won't know the results until Monday morning. I sure hope that I make it to the next round! The entries this week were so unbelievably AMAZING! Wish me luck- YIKES!!
Hopefully you can see where this layout is "going"- the basic "bones" are there- (the tin tile, the large acetate clock and the small clock in the peek-a-boo lacing (all that stays)... BUT--  I feel it looks like a mess- cuz it's not done-- it's making me crazy looking at these pics- I can't wait to finish!!
Although, I wanted to post this after I finished- I thought I would share the way the judges saw it.

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