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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scrapbook Design Contest- Week 4!

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge! It was a little intimidating since I have never tried a canvas before- but I certainly learned a lot from my first try at it! I will definitely be doing more in the future!
There were a LOT of requirements this week too:

Here were some of the rules for Week 4:
Create a TEXTURED CANVAS project, wherein you create your own background using the following techniques and mediums:
  • Layering of your mediums
  • Misting
  • Use a mask or template
  • Various texture mediums (Glass beads, modeling paste, gesso, molding paste, etc) Think TEXTURE & LAYERING of your mediums.
  • Paint (doesn't matter what kind)

OK, so I first went over the canvas with some Gesso, then blended areas with Glimmer Mists, Lumiere Paints and Acrylic Paints to create the background.
Then I used Modeling Paste with a stencil to create the textured Brocade pattern going down the right side and half of the left side.
I highlighted some of the texture with some Gelatos, Inks, and Paints

Since this challenge was about Layering Mediums to create texture, I used one of my favorite techniques to create "Faux Vintage Leather" with masking tape, inks, and clear embossing enamel.
I layered a piece of Burlap on top and then stamped a Toile pattern on some tissue paper for an accent to my photo mat. I added two crocheted doilies, then lightly layered some fluffy marabou feathers on top.
I added bead gel to several areas to add even more texture and shine.
For embellishments I kept it pretty simple, a small cluster of flowers and pearls, a few chandelier beads, and an angel to finish it off.

 The mediums that I used have mica in them so they slightly change color when the light changes.
Photo of Maletch at 3 weeks old.
You can click on any photo to enlarge, use your right left arrows to see them all enlarged.
This will get the the title "Sent From Above"
and will have a poem on the back.  
I will share the poem below- I didn't write it, I found it on the internet- it was exactly what I was looking for...
 Close ups of some of the texture.
Update: I added a few more finishing touches here
The Poem Reads:
Sent straight from heaven up above
Came an angel for me to love
To hold and rock and kiss good night
To wrap my arms around real tight

To cuddle & nurture and watch him play
To kiss his boo-boo's all away
To keep him safe and warm & count all his toes
To hold the tissue for him when he blows his little nose

To laugh at his jokes, to clap as he sings
To tell him all the joy in my life that he brings
To clean up his play dough, to pull his legos apart
To pin up his drawings and tell him it's art

To watch his first day of school on the bus all alone
To fight back the tears as I make my way back home
To applaud real loud when he's in his first play
To help him with his homework at the end of his day

To adore & cherish and watch him grow
To guide and teach him all that I know
To see him through good times & help him through bad
To share in his happiness and cry when he's sad

To hold him close and be by his side
To watch him through life as my heart fills with pride
To help him with decisions, the best that I can
To know that someday he'll be a fine young man
I really had fun creating this canvas- and getting all messy playing with goopy things! I look forward to making more-  and have a few new ideas! But first, I hope I make it to the next round- please wish me luck! :) Fingers crossed...

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