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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 6! Fun Day at Sea, Formal Night

We took the kids to kids club in the morning, they had fun as usual. We had to pick them up to head down to be in the Dr. Seuss Parade. They marched in the parade with noisemakers around a few levels of the ship, and ended in a theatre where our cruise director Malcom did a Seuss Storytime (book: The Cat in the Hat). Two kids were chosen from the audience to participate (acting) in the show. Who did they choose but Maletch of course to play Thing One, and his friend to play Thing Two. He was told to run around the stage and act crazy- like the things do in the story, and he did a great job!

 Maletch is in the green shirt up on stage! Go Thing One!

 Sariah had her face painted with a cat in the hat at Kids Club!

We saw this art project that Sariah and her friends made hanging on display!

After that was over it was about time for lunch and naps, so we got pizza and headed back to the room for a bit. Then it was time to get dressed for fancy night. We went to a comedy show and the comedian invited us to the front row and teased us a little, then commented on our well behaved kids. We had some portraits taken then headed to dinner where we got to see showtime- Sariah danced along- that was fun!


After a few more pics we went to bed early so we could wake up for tomorrow’s Green Eggs and Ham breakfast with Dr. Seuss!

Towel Animal: Stingray
I have AWESOME video from this day, I'll post soon!

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