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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 5! Jamaica Mon!

Maletch's 8th Birthday!!
The kids went to Kids club in the morning where they were having a pizza party, while we got ready for Jamaica. We took a taxi into the bay (Montego Bay) to explore. We let the kids play at the beach and we visited a few shops. We wish we would have had even more time to eat at a restaurant we heard so much about, but we had to hurry back to catch our boat. They drove on the wrong side of the street too. The locals were amazing and all really talk with the cute accents you hear on TV and movies. I loved their attitudes, they all say “Yeah Mon, no worries, no problem, and you are on vacation take your time, one blood- one love”
We picked the cuties up from their pizza party!! "Lets go to Jamaica!!!"

We were given bracelets by a random rasta man. The bracelets had the rasta colors and he told us “Green is for the land, Yellow is for sunshine, Red is for blood (one blood), and Black is for the people”  Funny when we left the ship we hadn’t planned the beach thing, but we decided on it as we left the gangway- so none of us had brought swimsuits or towels… and who wants to take the time to go back? … hey its Jamaica so we improvised- Yah Mon! Maletch jumped right into the Caribbean with his clothes on- what else? Sariah took her dress off and went in her underwear- and daddy and I just got our feet wet… it was all good! We had so much fun talking to the locals, and enjoying the view we didn’t want to leave. We watched the kids swim and play for quite a while before we hit a few shops and caught a taxi back to the Cruise terminal. We bought Sariah and I dresses that resemble Jamaica’s flag, some Jerk spices and sauce and headed back. This is definitely a country we would love to come back and visit again. 

This alone would have been an excellent birthday all by itself, but Maletch’s birthday happens to be Dr. Seuss’s birthday and since this ship has Dr. Seuss at Sea… they honored Seuss’s birthday with a surprise party for Cat in the Hat. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were there along with Sam I am. The kids got to do a meet and greet take pictures and best of all eat a HUMONGO amount of sugar. The spread was insane with 2 of the largest cakes I have ever seen. Along with chocolate covered strawberries (blue chocolate), colorful cupcakes, cookies, and the craziest straight up sugar in a cup, and a plate of chunks of frosting and much more.
Some of the goodies we ate at Seuss's party! Those blue chocolate covered strawberries are the best we've ever had- and we've had MANY!

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 were so fun! They loved to dance silly - they were even twerking at one point!

The kids are with Malcolm (AKA: "Woo-Hoo")- He's our Cruise Director!
After the party we pretty much ruined our appetite for dinner (which we were planning on going to immediately after), so we decided to take Maletch back to kids club, let Sariah get a nap while we gathered and looked over some of our professional cruise photos. We'd let some of the sugar wear off and go to dinner a bit late.
We had ordered a large cake from the gift shop and had arranged for it to be delivered during our dinner. Their service is amazing! They first brought out a personal cake for him compliments of the chef and sang happy birthday and then brought out the cake we ordered- so Maletch got 3 cakes (Seuss’s, his personal one, and the large one we bought) along with lots of other sweets- so he was completely hopped up on sugar all night! Kids club gave him a birthday hat and made a fun party for him too! I've never seen my kids so high on sugar- I was a little afraid- it was crazy and funny at the same time!
 Cake # 2
Cake # 3
Maletch was confused at this point and so were we, LOL!
We had explained to him that we would do his gifts (and real celebration) at home (after the trip) since we couldn't bring everything along. We did have a few gifts (from the onboard gift shop) delivered to the room while we were playing in Jamaica, and we let him open Grandma and Pop’s birthday card (that they mailed in advance) so that he could open it on his day (on the cruise).
Maletch wanting to show the camera the front AND back of this shirt- a ship pulling into port on one side and a back-view of sailing away on the other- so cute!
 Towel Animal: We're not sure what this is?

We had planned to catch a Beach Party show that evening, but we were all a little to pooped so we went to bed early.

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