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Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 7! Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, and lots more!

We woke up early since we had reservations for the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. That was fun and the food was colorful and creative. We were joined by Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, and Sam I Am during breakfast.

 They had this cool ice sculpture of Cat-in-the-Hat as we walked in!

 In case you were wondering yep, we were really served REAL green eggs and ham! The whole menu was crazy and we ordered many weird things. And yep we tried them all, well the kids didn't try the eggs, but we did- we didn't really like them, but everything else was mmm- GOOD!
 I loved these waffles- they had some kind of frosting or something in them- so good!
 Sariah got red and white cat in the hat pancakes!
Maybe the fun-nest of all was Maletch's French Toast- which was covered in a fruity cereal!!
Soon after breakfast, we ventured up to try that waterslide- that was a blast! I think we each rode it like 7 times!

We bought a Go Pro for this trip, and since it has a waterproof case- we took turns taking video on the slide- we have fun footage on this slide- I'll edit and upload soon!
Then we grabbed a quick bite and headed back to the room for the kids to get a nap. We then went to the Dive In movie on Lido where they were playing Inside Out (the new Disney Movie)- that was cute. It was a bit breezy and chilly up there, but we were able to snuggle under blankets and eat popcorn- nice time.

Then we took the kids to Camp Ocean so they could attend the farewell party while John and I packed, bought pictures and took care of other last day things. The kids made cute shirts and lots more! We skipped the formal dinner but John and I caught the super hilarious Silent Film within a film Comedy Show!

Towel Animal: Bird/Dinosaur/Swan??

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